Pageant Questions Season 2 Grand Finale: Mansi Kadian’s verdict



Welcome to the Pageant Questions Grand Finale Results!

Mansi Kadian, 2nd Runner Up at World Supermodel Teen has been gracious enough to honor our request to be a part of our judging panel. She’s a stunning model and a rising star! We are proud that she has helped us in compiling the results for Pageant Questions. We wish her success in every endeavor of hers! The question was:

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Moving on to the results, The winner is:

Rajkanya Baruah: Different paths are subjected to conflicting opinions, this puts people at crossroads; questions relating to which path to follow hence arises and thus the ever plundering and exploring human brain is forced to make a choice .The best paths are the ones which were never treaded, i feel we are mechanized to follow what traditions had set for us. Why not break the barriers and follow the religion of oneness, the leadership of the enlightened mind, the philosophy of truth and let the mind free of all hassles that are leading us all to a well treaded path of chaos created by the chained minds of religious dictators. The best path to follow is to follow your heart, create your own path of righteousness ; which doesn’t run parallel to blind faith and mass hysteria. Score: 9.6 (to be deducted while preparing cumulative result)

Comment by Mansi: What a creative answer..!! It manage to touch all the perspectives of the question.

1st runner Up: Sanjana Karkera

You should follow everyone and no one at all . I want everyone to create their individuality rather than following any personality, however to be successful we need to take hints from all of those ,We need the ethics of religions but not superstition , we need the innovative ideas of our leaders & philosophers,we need the experience of our elders, we do need the the selfishness of a plunderer just enough to have self worth and self esteem , more than anything we need originality , that’s the most basic and mandatory thing one needs.

Score: 8.6

Comment by Mansi: This answer was straight from the HEART..!!

2nd Runner Up: Ravina Ramdhanie

Emancipation of liberty and conservatism perennial unsullied to modern society. In perpetuum bequeath morals, norms, values and beliefs- exemplar religion by elders. Emphatically to amplitude ascendancy of unequivocal elements of philosophers and philosophy. Mass indoctrinates are ground on philosophy -indirect or directly! From elders, religion divides rather than unites originating to hatred even violence in present times where beliefs are even forced upon through ignorance. A quantity of which are based on different philosophy teachings. Humans should have a right to select sagaciously. Subconsciously, I will choose; the leaders and the leadership capacity, where I can influence others in my ideology of making a difference…

Score: 8.2 (to be deducted while preparing cumulative result)

Comment by Mansi: What a beautiful answer in an unconventional way. You love it or You Hate it, but you can’t just ignore it.

Congratulations! 🙂