Pageant Questions Season 2 Grand Finale: Ritika Ramtri’s Verdict!


Welcome to Pageant Questions Season 2 Grand Finale Results!

The Grand Finale is on! The result card has arrived! Ritika Ramtri, the esteemed Pageant Coach from the Tiara has revealed her favorites to us! We are glad to have her on board as the honorable judge for our Pageant Questions Contest. She has mentored and shaped the otherwise nebulous career of various young girls by her able guidance. The passion that she exudes is immaculate and un-matched. we are glad that we have such fraternity within our nation who work with such zeal and enthusiasm towards serving the interests of nation!

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Moving onto the results, The Top 3, in order for Question No 3 (shown above) are:

Winner: Otniel Theodore Febrianto

I would express it through both words and actions. I will tell her I love her. I would hold her hand to make her realize that she is not alone. I would be her confidant and shoulder to rely on whenever she feel sad. I would often give her surprises and do things that she likes to do just to see her smile . I would do anything in my power to ensure that she is happy . I would always protect and respect her as long as i live . That’s how much I love her

Score: 9.9  Comments: “Simple but meaningful. This person has understood the essence of love and encapsulated it beautifully.”

1st Runner Up: Rajkanya Baruah

Love is not dependent on the object, but is a radiation of your subjectivity – a radiation of your soul. And the vaster the radiation, the greater is your soul. The wider spread are the wings of your love, the bigger is the sky of your being. If I am in love , I can only honor our feelings by baring my true self and true soul to him. I will spread the wings of our love by sharing mutual trust ,understanding and respect for each other whilst keeping in mind that nothing in life should be taken for granted. I only have limited time in this world to make our love worthwhile and I pledge to do it with him come hell or high water.

Score: 9.5 Comments: “Depth of thought. Articulate and  philosophical.”

Note: This answer is 125 words in all. Hence, while cumulative scoring, score that will be considered is (9.5-(5*0.5))=7

2nd Runner Up: Nehal Chudasama

In Our Life, we meet few such people who really mean a lot to us. They’re our ‘Partners in Life’. I’ve been deeply in Love with my Brother and Parents since ages and the day i was born. I love all my close companions and teachers who have always encouraged me to keep moving ahead in Life. When it comes to expressing Love, I believe, the best way could be expressing it through your DEEDS towards them. Even when its about the ‘special someone’ I choose to Marry, i’ll express my Love by showering Loyalty, trust and care towards him.

Score: 9. Comments: “I liked the fact that she spoke about other people she loves. . And the fact that action speaks louder than words.”

Congratulations! 🙂