And the Winner of Pageant Question Season 2 Finale is……..

The Final Verdict!

We have finally compiled the scores from all the three judges: Manasi Kadian, Shilpa Singh and Ritika Ramtri. This will be the last post on this season for Pageant Question, can’t believe it is actually ending, but looking at the love and appreciation from the audience, it seems that the hard work has finally paid off! What else can be more satisfying than knowing that the journey has been all about the intellectual growth, learning from each other and making a lot of friends!

Every individual is unique in his/her own way, the knowledge, the views, the creativity you have all poured in into this Pageant Questions season, has been enriching for all of us. The Tiara Pageant Coaching Institute has sponsored the winner of the season with 7 days free course on ‘Pageant Grooming Session’ worth Rs. 15000/-. Thank you all, for your wonderful participation! We shall be back with another season, after a couple of months! Let’s have a look at our final results!

Winner of the Season : NehalChudasama

Nehal Chudasama

Winning Speech: I am so pleased, excited and super-duper happy to win Pageant season 2 organized by TGPC. Receiving this award is such an amazing honor. I would thank TGPC for allowing me to be here today. A very big Thank-you to all those who have supported me and who thought I deserved to be here! Congratulations to other winners and also contestants who’ve made it to reach so far and participated. Thank-you… Thank-you…Thank-you

TGPC: What we like about her is her eloquence, clarity of mind while answering. She can be a FABULOUS Miss India representative in future. She has a beautiful face and a heart of gold! She’s quite active in doing philanthropic activities! Congratulations girl! Hope you make it really big! Wish you lots of Success for your future!

1st Runner Up: Chinkey Saini

Speech: My heart is pounding at a different rate right now. I feel so elated and blessed to have achieved this much.Thank you TGPC for this great opportunity.

TGPC: She has been such a consistent performer since day one! I loved all her answers! The brilliance, the eloquence, the creativity, the imagination, the beauty- she has it all! You have been the most passionate performer of this season! Congratulations Chinkey! A well deserved win!

2nd Runner Up: Otniel Theodore Febrianto

Speech: I wanna thank everyone that has been there for me. I never expected that and in fact I was kinda surprised with the result. I wanna thank TGPC for allowing to have an amazing platform to improve my critical thinking. I also like to speak to the other finalist that we are all winners, and we are all champions ! Thank you

TGPC: He has been the dark horse of the competition! Always excited, he used to be Jewell, all your efforts and dedication have paid off! Congratulations Otniel! It was nice to have you as a contestant on board.

Presenting the Certificate of Excellence to Nehal Chudasama by The Tiara Pageant Training Institute


The full Score table is as below

Pageant Finale

Contest Credits: Saloni Sharma