Femina Miss India 2016: Beauties for Miss Universe !!

Femina Miss India 2016
Femina Miss India 2016 Batch

During the past one month we closely watched 21 young ladies, searched from all over India growing, grooming and chiselling into masterpieces of beauty, elegance, poise, confidence and smartness under the rightful shelters of Femina Miss India 2016.

But, as observed by multiple pageant experts, this time around there is a twist in the selections. I mean a batch which is meant for selecting a representative primarily for Miss World has quite often been sited by pageant experts from several pageant forums, as a batch which has brought upon ladies who suite the trends of Miss Universe quite well too. Said that, here are the ladies who have been mentioned quite often to be almost perfect for Miss Universe India aka Miss Diva, as far as looks and performance are concerned with a few ‘ plus and minus ‘.


Adya Niraj in Swimsuit
Adya Niraj

Plus – This lady is someone worth a mention. A girl with a gorgeous face, a hard-working girl who has come a long way since she last appeared at the Miss Diva 2015 Kolkata Auditions. She has the spunk which will give her an upper hand at Miss Universe.

Minus – Since I believe she is a very hardworking lady, she is quite expected to improve more especially in the department of ramp-walk and presence. In addition to this she needs to tone down her smile. She has beautiful face and smiling too widely makes her look more girly than Lady – like. Beside this, as mentioned by photographer Sasha Merchant she also needs to work on her camera angles, as this is quite important as far as Miss Universe is concerned.


Aradhana Buragohain in Swimsuit
Aradhana Buragohain

It has been quite confusing on which pageant will suite her more. But keeping some specific points into consideration, she can do well at Miss Universe. Said that here are her plus points – A presentable lady, who pulls it off quite well in most of the styling provided to her. Winner of the style icon sub-contest at FMI’16, knowing that fashion is an integral part of Miss Universe. A sweet and simple, well proportioned face with a beautiful smile has worked for India at Miss Universe quite a lot of times, the most recent example being of Manasi Moghe in 2013, plus this is also the present trend at Miss Universe.

Minus – Presence is her biggest ‘enemy’. She needs to bring up her confidence and charisma to shine brighter and the rest will follow.

# DIMPLE : ‘The performer of FMI’16.’

Dimple Paul in Swimsuit
Dimple Paul

Plus – This lady brought in a ‘spunk quotient’ into the competition. Be it the presence, the walk or the attitude, she has that FACTOR ‘X’, which is usually seen in a Miss Universe. The part about her is that she knows how to carry herself, making her look appropriately spunky and classy when needed.

Minus – Though her greatest strength is her presence, she needs to work harder on her body and get a fitter physique which is well needed to excel at Miss Universe. If she achieves this she can be a very strong candidate indeed.


Niharika Anand in Swimsuit
Niharika Anand

One of the dark horses of FMI’16 Niharika has the spunk and a distinctive aura around her. Her Plus points have to be her undeniable aura, her spunky persona, a strong Supermodel like facial bone structure and a good height ! She is one of the girls in the competition who knows her angles well and had given one of the best glam-shots at FMI’16 .

Minus – Again a girl with lack of presence, which she needs to work upon for whichever pageant she chooses to participate in. She often seems a bit too sweet. I won’t call this a minus perse, but again adding a fine combination of maturity, attitude and panache in her overall body language will bring her to the ‘A’ level for Miss Universe !


Natasha Singh in Swimsuit
Natasha Singh

Plus : It doesn’t need any mention on how gorgeous she looks. She grabbed attention of many people based only on her looks to start with, during FMI-Delhi’16. She also has a fit physique and not to forget the camera loves her. Her ‘on camera’ presence will get her a high place at Miss Universe, provided she works up on her minuses well !

Minus : Though her plus points stand strongly in her favour, a few significant minuses take her down. She needs to work upon her rampwalk and stage presence, which constitute a huge bearing on the scoring at Miss Universe. Apart from this she also needs to improve on her communication skills, which I suppose can be well taken care of by Mrs. Sabira Merchant. So, on and all Natasha with proper training can indeed stand as a strong contender for the Miss Universe title !

All these lovely ladies appear strong in their own ways and will be a force a reckon with at Miss Universe if they work on their flaws and strengths well and emerge as strong personalities, and yes ! Not to forget, appear for Miss Diva 2016.

Anyways, FMI’16 is still to bring up it’s new set of deserving winners and best of luck to these women for the same.

Namrata Sheth is a contestant of Femina Miss India 2016 pageant
Namrata Sheth

Special Mention : Namrata Sheth – She was among the contestants of FMI’16 but had to leave due to some personal reasons. She was indeed one of the facially strongest contestant of FMI’16. We certainly cannot make a mention about her ‘plus and minus’ as we haven’t seen her perform as we have done for the other ladies. Still I feel she should consider appearing for Miss Diva’16, based on her looks and her tremendous modelling experience.

Author: R B Putki

Images: Femina Miss India Faebook