Should a bollywood aspirant be allowed to win Miss India?

Zoya Afroz Miss India 2013 2nd runner-up
Zoya Afroz was quite clear about her Bollywood dreams even before joining Miss India. She placed in Top 3 and could have been sent to Miss International, but that didn’t happen. As per buzz among internet fans, she did not show improvement or even interest to improve for trying in an international pageant. She signed a movie during her year of reign itself.

One of the Femina Miss India 2016 aspirants, Pankhuri Gidwani said in her introduction video that her ultimate dream is Bollywood.  This was a huge turn-off for many of her fans who disapprove of her using the pageant as a stepping stone into Bollywood.  In fact, there is a good number of fans who don’t want this 18 years-old to win just because of this!  This whole matter has highlighted one question in a very strong manner:  What is SO WRONG if a Miss India aspirant is eyeing Bollywood? 

Some would say it’s wrong.  Citing example of Miss India 2013 2nd runner-up Zoya Afroz, argument can be made that such girls don’t focus on even trying for international pageants.  They don’t train themselves or prepare for international pageants because their goal is just Bollywood and once they win Miss India, they get the opportunities to meet many people who can help them get into movies.  In terms of values, it is wrong: to use the Miss India title to get into Bollywood and then not care about representing your country well internationally.  What India needs at this moment is an international crown.  There are anyway many Bollywood aspirants out there.

Some may even defend these girls.  After all, it is just fine to have career aspirations.  Miss India is anyway just a 1 year job.  Also there is lot more to Miss India than just going to international pageants.  Perhaps these girls perform their duties well in other aspects!  We need to respect the girls for who they are and let them make their choices.  Bollywood has many opportunities and it is understandable if a pretty, young girl is lured by it’s glitz.  It is also possible that a girl who joins Miss India and has Bollywood dreams can do well in international pageants.  She can give full justice to her title by preparing well for her international pageant and then join Bollywood once her reign is over.  This is what many Miss India’s have done!  We must also acknowledge that the interest of girls in pageantry is reducing in India and Bollywood is one reason why some of them consider joining Miss India.

Personally, we would give a leeway to girls like Pankhuri.  Just because she has Bollywood dreams doesn’t mean she won’t give justice to Miss India title or prepare well for Miss World if she wins.  We are interested in knowing your thoughts.

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