Pageant Questions Season 2 Episode 6 Results

Pageant Questions Season 2 Episode 6 Results

Pageant Questions Season 2 Episode 6 Results: A wonderful episode, this one, has been indeed. We have received 34 entries in all, the highest till date. The overwhelming response from the audience has continued to drive us to provide the best of entertainment and services that we can and your appreciation matters a lot to us. Thank you, you all are stars for us.

Before we move on to the results, here is a small poem penned down by me for this episode 🙂 It’s so boring to sit back as a judge and do nothing. Hope you all like it 🙂

Life……A Music so vibrant, yet so serene…

An amalgam of Colors, A little bit blue, and a little green…

Plunging into the depths of your soul, A Rhythm so divine…

White strikes all the chords, with its silvery shine…

An infusion of Red, spraying Passion, Love and Desire…

A plethora of emotions, spreading wings like a fire…

A Splash of Yellow, painting golden smiles all along…

An exhilarating Orange, adding tanginess to the “Life” song…

Blue pleases the mind and senses, Yellow tickles the funny bones…

Green enlivens the body and spirit, Violet nourishes the spiritual zones…

Devoid of them all, Black rings the deadly silence…

It erodes away all life, there’s no peace, no violence…

White contains them all, and its presence is all rife

All the hues of it, make our beautiful Rainbow called ‘Life’ ~ By C.Kaur

Moving onto the results, the rules for this week’s episode were:

1 Answers to be given in English only.
2 Word limit for the answers: 100 words above which the entries shall stand disqualified.
3 Answers copied from the internet or having plagiarism issues will be rejected.
The question for this week:

Pageant Questions Season 2 Episode 6 Results
Pageant Questions Season 2 Episode 6 Results

The judges for this week: Andreas Sarkar, Saloni Sharma, Dipak Shahi and Vagisha Mishra

There were so many good answers. After individual scoring by the judges, the cumulative results were obtained to get our Top 7. The winners are:

Winner: Adney Gonçalves

His Answer:  Green stands for Hope and Courage, it reflects the beautiful environment and is a color synonymous with good health and everything that is correct and right is shown in green. This is the color I reflect with the most because every day I live with a hope for a better day and courage to go through it, its a color wherein I see the positivity reflected, a trait I go with. As a nature loving person, no other color comes close as green to totally define me. Scores: 9.2375

1st Runner UpAlvin Sebetero Papageorgiou

His Answer:  Good Evening everyone…It’s amazing how we associate colors with the personality of a person. But what made us appreciate about the spectrum is the diversity of colors that made it beautiful if they are together. And me and all of us, are all spectrum. I cannot imagine a spectrum with one color or a person with one personality. Our varying personality made us unique and made us human. And wouldn’t it be beautiful if we fill our lives and other people’s lives with different colors.” Score: 9.175

2nd Runner UpChinkey Saini

Her Answer:  I’m a peppy teenager at times and a soulful woman at rest. My personality swings accordingly. The color that my personality majorly relates to, is blue. This color outlines my biggest desire to travel overseas into the soothe of world. While the color blue on my body in the form of bruises are a constant reminder of my struggles to perfection, this gifted color reflects to me as wisdom along a cool mind. Being the primary, blue cannot be made out of other colors, it is unique in its term and that’s how my personality is. If you know me, you’ll love me. Score: 9.1625

3rd Runner UpTanishq Verma and Robin Verma (Verma Brothers ;))

Tanishq’s Answer: Being a human, one cannot reflect a single color in his personality. A person’s personality is a combination of seven moods each  color depicting one. Red- Energy, Orange- Wisdom, Yellow- Joy, Green- Chivalry, Blue- Knowledge, Indigo- Understanding, Violet- Creativity. And all these things make us humans, but colors which affect us other than these are White and Black, both can be obtained by mixing these colors and both can change our whole personality. And since I’m also human, all these things are part my personality and i know we all have these. Thank u

Robin’s Answer:  I think A Color which I can relate to my Personality is Black. The Reason is that black reminds me of some kind of mystery and I’m a Mysterious Person. People May know me but they don’t know who I’m. Moreover A Black Object has this Unique ability to Absorb heat and Light & Similarly I believe I’m someone who always try to absorb all the Good Qualities of People Surrounding me in an effort to be a better Person with each passing day. Thank You

Their Score: 9.0625

4th Runner UpRimzenith Tamang and Ashwarya Narangikar

Rimzenith’s Answer:  Colors add beauty to everything in this world, from the lush green valleys to the deep blue oceans, from the white snow-capped mountains to the setting crimson son, every view looks so spectacular with colors. Among these colors, the one I like the most is YELLOW, as it stands for joy and well-being. I like making others happy and that gives me extra happiness and I want to stay like this. As the yellow color symbolises positivity and happiness, I also like to be positive no matter how hard life may be and strive for a happier life. Thank you.

Ashwarya’s Answer:  Every moment in this life is different and unique and so are the emotions associated with it. A person cannot relate to just one trait but rather our personality is a mash up of all these traits in different proportion in different times. I relate to yellow when happy, green when fresh and rejuvenated, bluw when calm, red when angry, white when peaceful, and black, when sad. But if I had to choose one, it would be violet which represents passion, because I do everything passionately.

Their Score: 8.925

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