Was Anea Garcia really dethroned for Studies and Unprofessional Behaviour?

Just couple of hours back, we received a news that Anea Garcia will no more serve as Miss Grand International 2015 and her runner-up Claire Parker, Miss Australia, will take over her reign. This left pageant world in shell shock as everybody was in love with Anea and it was least expected that a great queen like her will be dethroned. The statement released by Miss Grand International organisation was as follow:

Claire Parker
Statement by Miss Grand International Organisation

The correspondent of Global Beauties reported Teresa Chaivisut, vice-president of MGI, sent them a note of clarification of what made them take this decision:

“Although we believe Anea was the deserving winner at MGI coronation event, she has failed to fulfill her obligations as the reigning queen. First, her studies were in the way, making it very hard for us to schedule her activities. At several times we had to reschedule, cancel events, change or lose international flights. Miss Grand International should be ready and focused on her job and charitable work.

In addition, she has also become very demaning, always asking for things which were not promised or part of the contact she signed, including bringing her grandmother to Bangkok, to live with her. She demanded for additional services which truly made no sense.

Her actions were disrespectful to the organisation and Mr Nawat does not appreciate this kind of attitude, which brought us to make this decision.

Claire Elizabeth Parker is very happy and ready to take over the duties as Miss Grand International 2015. She will move to Thailand shortly and we will hold a press conference on April 1st for her official crowning. We expect Claire to vist at least 7 or 8 countries as Miss Grand International and we are sure that she will suit the title properly and do an excellent job.

We take this opportunity to inform that soon we will also announce the host country for Miss Grand International 2016.

This is the truth and we have nothing to hide, so please publish it”.

Speculation about Anea's dethronement in pageant groups
Speculation about Anea’s dethronement in pageant groups

However, the pageant circuit is not ready to believe that this was the real reason. Many of the fans believe that she just tried her luck at Miss Grand International to get a grooming for Miss Universe Dominican Republic, as Anea always wanted to compete for Miss Universe. People think that she might just have done this intentionally to prepare for Miss Universe Dominican Republic this year. However, there is no confirmation to this. We shall see if she really competes in the said pageant in coming times. What do you feel the real reason could be?

Credits: Miss Grand International, Global Beauties.