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Miss Indonesia 2016 [Meet the Contestants]

Meet the Contestants of Miss Indonesia 2016 !!!

Who will succeed Maria Harfanti as Miss Indonesia 2016? Meet the Contestants

Who will succeed Maria Harfanti as Miss Indonesia 2016? Meet the Contestants


Miss Indonesia 2016 will take place on 24th February 2016 in Jakarta. Maria Harfanti,2nd princess at Miss World 2015 will crown her successor at the end of the event. Winner of this pageant will represent Indonesia at Miss World 2016 pageant later this year. The 12th edition of Miss Indonesia will see 34 contestants from across Indonesia have been shortlisted as official candidates. Liliana Tanoesoedibjo of MNC group is the national director of Miss Indonesia pageant. She & her husband  was responsible for bringing Miss World 2013 pageant to Indonesia and if rumors are to be believed Indonesia might host the Miss World 2016 pageant. The reigning Miss World Mireia Lalaguna Roya of Spain will attend the grand finale of Miss Indonesia 2016.

Indonesia has never won Miss World crown Maria Harfanti bagged the highest placement for her country at last year’s Miss World edition she also won the coveted Beauty with a Purpose award at the pageant. Indonesia has had a good run at Miss World pageant since 2011 they haven’t missed the first cut and have won three beauty with the purpose contest (2011,2014 & 2015) they also won talent fast track event in 2013 courtesy of Vania Larissa Tan.

Meet the 34 finalist of Miss Indonesia 2016




 Flavia Celly  is representing ACEH  at Miss Indonesia 2016

01. ACEH – Flavia Celly

Sukma Astiti is representing BALI at Miss Indonesia 2016

02. BALI – Sukma Astiti

03. BANGKA BELITUNG - Natasha Manuella is representing at Miss Indonesia 2016

03. BANGKA BELITUNG – Natasha Manuella

Namira Yasqi Nasution  is representing BANTEN at Miss Indonesia 2016

04. BANTEN – Namira Yasqi Nasution

Editha Aldilasari  is representing BENGKULU at Miss Indonesia 2016

05. BENGKULU – Editha Aldilasari

Shidna Takhiya Anissa  is representing  DI YOGYAKARTA at Miss Indonesia 2016

06. DI YOGYAKARTA – Shidna Takhiya Anissa

Yusranie Noory Assipalma is representing DKI JAKARTA at Miss Indonesia 2016

07. DKI JAKARTA – Yusranie Noory Assipalma

Agnes Amelia  is representing  GORONTALO at Miss Indonesia 2016

08. GORONTALO – Agnes Amelia

Nita Naomi is representing JAMBI at Miss Indonesia 2016

09. JAMBI – Nita Naomi

Zahra Amalina  is representing JAWA BARAT at Miss Indonesia 2016

10. JAWA BARAT – Zahra Amalina

Shabira Maharani is representING JAWA TENGAH at Miss Indonesia 2016

11. JAWA TENGAH – Shabira Maharani

Venezia Indra Ghassani  is representING JAWA TIMUR at Miss Indonesia 2016

12. JAWA TIMUR – Venezia Indra Ghassani

Olivia Leanartha  is representING KALIMANTAN BARAT at Miss Indonesia 2016

13. KALIMANTAN BARAT – Olivia Leanartha

 Herrawati is representing KALIMANTAN SELATAN  at Miss Indonesia 2016


 Ellen Gracia Natalia is representing Ellen Gracia Natalia at Miss Indonesia 2016

15. KALIMANTAN TENGAH – Ellen Gracia Natalia

Tasya Yaumil Amalia is representing KALIMANTAN TIMUR at Miss Indonesia 2016

16. KALIMANTAN TIMUR – Tasya Yaumil Amalia

Diana Puspasari is representing KALIMANTAN UTARA at Miss Indonesia 2016

17. KALIMANTAN UTARA – Diana Puspasari

Nabilla Astrid is representing KEPULAUAN RIAU  at Miss Indonesia 2016

18. KEPULAUAN RIAU – Nabilla Astrid

Kidung Paramadita is representing LAMPUNG at Miss Indonesia 2016

19. LAMPUNG – Kidung Paramadita

Leinda Melissa Wattimena  is representing MALUKU at Miss Indonesia 2016

20. MALUKU – Leinda Melissa Wattimena

 Shinta Noppita Sari is representing  MALUKU UTARA at Miss Indonesia 2016

21. MALUKU UTARA – Shinta Noppita Sari

 Jessica Rissdiana  is representing NTB at Miss Indonesia 2016

22. NTB – Jessica Rissdiana

Maria Grace Rongkos  is representing NTT at Miss Indonesia 2016

23. NTT – Maria Grace Rongkos

Petrichsia Herman is representing PAPUA at Miss Indonesia 2016

24. PAPUA – Petrichsia Herman

Deninda Fairuzahra    is representingPAPUA BARAT  at Miss Indonesia 2016

25. PAPUA BARAT – Deninda Fairuzahra

Mentari Sibero is representing RIAU at Miss Indonesia 2016

26. RIAU – Kathryn Liza Mentari Sibero

Yunike Hari Fransisca is representing SULAWESI BARAT at Miss Indonesia 2016

27. SULAWESI BARAT – Yunike Hari Fransisca

Cindy Claudia Hanels is representing SULAWESI SELATAN at Miss Indonesia 2016

28. SULAWESI SELATAN – Cindy Claudia Hanels

Vanya Oetomo  is representing SULAWESI TENGAH at Miss Indonesia 2016

29. SULAWESI TENGAH – Vanya Oetomo

Kartika Ayu Kharisma  is representing SULAWESI TENGGARA  at Miss Indonesia 2016

30. SULAWESI TENGGARA – Kartika Ayu Kharisma

Natasya Maria Magdalena Lasut  is representing SULAWESI UTARA at Miss Indonesia 2016

31. SULAWESI UTARA – Natasya Maria Magdalena Lasut

Annisa Astari Savira Lubis  is representing SUMATERA BARAT at Miss Indonesia 2016

32. SUMATERA BARAT – Annisa Astari Savira Lubis

Maria Chelsea Tiffany  is representingSUMATERA SELATAN  at Miss Indonesia 2016

33. SUMATERA SELATAN – Maria Chelsea Tiffany

Dian Bernika Silalahi  is representing SUMATERA UTARA at Miss Indonesia 2016

34. SUMATERA UTARA – Dian Bernika Silalahi

Photo Credit:Miss Indonesia RCTI facebook page

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