Lopamudra Raut: Why we think she deserved MORE

Lopamudra Raut
Lopamudra Raut

If you have been following Indian pageantry from some years, one name you for sure remember is Lopamudra Raut from Nagpur.  Now this girl never won any of the pageants she participated in.  But still, she will stay in minds of many fans for long.  Her pageant stint begun with Goa finals for Miss India 2013 where she was a runner-up and winner of Miss Body Beautiful title.  Next stop, Femina Miss India 2013 where she won Miss Body Beautiful again but did not crack the Top 10.  She returned back in Femina Miss India 2014 where she again won Miss Body Beautiful, although she claimed not being a gym person!  Against the expectations of the fans, she made it to the Top 5 in the finals.  She surprised everyone by returning to Miss Diva 2014.  This time the Miss Body Beautiful title was not for her.  But she did make it to the Top 7.  As per unconfirmed reports, she was 4th and was to represent India in Miss Asia Pacific (not sure about exact name), which did not happen.

Now why do we feel she deserved more?  For one, how many girls you know keep on trying like she did?  By the time she came to Miss Diva 2014, she was quite polished.  She presented herself like a pageant veteran in swimsuit and ramp-walk rounds.  She spoke very well in interview and final Q/A rounds.  She performed well when it mattered and for sure would have been a fabulous representative to any pageant she would have gone.  In Miss Diva, she received flak from few fans for being a bit too loud and arrogant.  We followed the show – extrovert YES, arrogant NOT REALLY.  She gave her best and in our opinion, was better than many girls who have been wearing the INDIA sashes at international pageants in the recent years.

Credits: Femina Miss India website