World Supermodel India 2016 – Review of the finals show

World Supermodel India 2016
Rhea (WSM 1st RU), Mansi (WSM Teen winner), Marilyn (WSM winner), Sangeeta (WSM Teen 1st RU) with organizers

The finals of World Supermodel India 2016 pageant took place in ‘Take It Easy’ Lounge in Andheri, Mumbai on 13th February 2016. ‘The Great Pageant Community’ is the official online partner of the pageant and hence our team had the privilege of being present in the event. The pageant is organized by Yellow Umbrella Services Pvt. Limited.

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World Supermodel India 2016 finals started with an interesting dance number by the contestants. In all, 9 girls participated in the senior (20-30 years of age) category, while 5 girls participated in the teen (15-19 years of age) category. Throughout the show, there were few interesting dance performances and fun games for the audiences. The opening number choreography and the dance performances were by Rinhee Suberwal. She is a trained kathak dancer and also partner of Prabhudeva and his brother Nagendra Prasad. She owns the dance institute “MSM Dance Academy” in Mumbai. The dances were fun and the games were definitely amusing. In one such game, ladies from the audiences presented themselves on the ramp while a judge picked the best dressed one. In another game, men with biggest tummy competed! Overall the host Malitha managed to maintain a fun environment throughout.

World Supermodel India 2016
TGPC was official online partner of World Supermodel India 2016.

In the first round, all the 13 girls presented themselves in dresses of their own choices. The girls that stood out to us were Marilyn Bothello, Nisha Rajput, Sufiya Siddiqui and Mansi Kadian. While Marilyn and Nisha presented themselves with a lot of confidence, Sufiya Siddiqui had a stunning beautiful face. Mansi Kadian is in a league of her own. She walked like a star with poise and confidence that made her stand out from all the girls. Perhaps not the best face out there, but she had the stage presence and command on the ramp like Kaci Fennell (Miss Universe 2014, 4th Runner-up from Jamaica) or our very own Neha Kapur (Miss Universe 2006, Top 20 from India). This girl is special and can be a big supermodel one day. Later the girls presented themselves in beautiful gowns by Manju Todi from Gavis Attire. We liked the variety in the collection that was presented by the girls.

Based on the performance of the girls in the World Supermodel India 2016 finals by then and their overall performances in the pre-final activities, finalists were chosen – Top 5 for senior category and Top 3 for teen category. Top 5 for seniors: Marilyn Bothello, Sneha Jagiasi, Rameshwari Padal, Rhea Bari and Nisha Rajput. Rameshwari Padal got a direct entry in the Top 5 by winning TGPC’s Miss Personality title. Her selection was made by an esteemed panel of pageant critics and experts. Top 3 for teen category included Sangeeta Sangi, Mansi Kadian and Sayli Shimpi. We were pretty happy with the selection of the finalists – the deserving girls had made the cut. We felt Sufiya Siddiqui can perhaps consider returning back to pageants after some focused grooming, she has a lot of potential.

World Supermodel India 2016
Winner Marilyn Bothello receiving bouquet from Mr. Yogesh Aggarwal, founder director of Yellow Umbrella Pvt. Services Ltd.

The finalists then faced questions from the jury. The questions were submitted by the followers of The Great Pageant Community. Girls who answered their questions well in this round were Marilyn, Rameshwari, Rhea, Sangeeta and Mansi. Marilyn was asked about the obstacle she faced before joining pageants. Mansi was asked her views about plastic surgeries in pageants.

Before the announcement of the winners, special awards were given. Miss Social Media award went to Akshaya. Miss Catwalk went to Nisha. Miss Photogenic went to Sneha. Miss Demeanour went to Riya. Miss Beauty with purpose went to Ashita.

World Supermodel India 2016
Teen winner Mansi Kadian receiving bouquet from National Director Sudha Subramaniam

Then the results were announced. The winner of the Teen Category was Mansi Kadian. Her runner-up was Sangeeta Sangi. The winner in the senior category was Marilyn Bothello. Her runner-up was Rhea Bari. The girls received cute teddy bouqeuts along with the sashes and the crowns. Marilyn and Mansi will be travelling to South Africa next month for World Supermodel Pageant, where they will be representing India.

All in all, we left the pageant with a very positive impression. This was the first year of the pageant and yet it was good in so many ways. The contestants were good. The evaluation process was fair and the girls were judged in many aspects before coming to final decision. The finals was fun and the girls got the chance to show their beauty and potential through their performances in the rounds. The best girls won. This pageant is definitely promising and we look forward to the future editions!

Images: Official page of pageant & Yellow Umbrella Services Pvt. Limited Page on Facebook