POLL: Best Face of Miss Universe 2015 [Vote Now]

Miss Universe 2015

When it comes to beauty pageants, the first thing that people will notice in any winner is the face.  If a girl has a beautiful face, she is considered to be eligible to be a beauty queen.  Of course, those who follow pageants do know that there is a lot more that is needed in a girl to succeed in pageants than just beauty of face.  Still, facial beauty is an important aspect that is looked for in pageant aspirants.

Miss Universe 2015 had some really gorgeous beauties.  Most of the girls had pretty faces.  However, some girls were just more blessed than others.  Our experts tried to single out three such beauties who they feel had the best faces in the contest.  The first among those is Miss Dominican Republic Clarissa Molina. Many people compare Clarissa with Rolene Strauss.  In fact, Clarissa is even taller and leaner than Rolene.  Clarissa’s best asset is her doll-like face.  The charm is just undeniable.  The second pick of the judges is Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez.  Ariadna looks like a Barbie.  Her face is just flawless and that royal aura just adds more charm to it.  She is exquisite, just like her face.  Third pick of the judges is Miss Georgia Janet Kerdikoshvili.  Unlike the other two, Janet did not place in the Top 15 during the finals.  However, she impressed many people with her beauty during the presentation show.  Girls from many European countries are not that prepared.  Had Janet received the kind of grooming that girls from Colombia or Philippines get, she would have been among the top performers!

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So, now we leave it on you.  Who among the three is the best face of Miss Universe 2015 in your opinion?  The poll ends on 20th February 2015.