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Miss Ecuador 2016 [Meet the Contestants]

Meet the 21 finalist of Miss Ecuador 2016 !!!

Who will succeed Francesca Cipriani, Miss Universe Ecuador 2015 as Miss Ecuador 2016? meet the contestants

Who will succeed Francesca Cipriani, Miss Universe Ecuador 2015 as Miss Ecuador 2016?

Miss Ecuador 2016 will take place on March 12, 2016 in Machala,Ecuador. Winner of this pageant will represent Ecuador at Miss Universe 2016 pageant later this year. The first runner-up will go to Miss International 2016 & the second runner-up will represent Ecuador at Miss Supranational 2016. At the end of the event Francesca Cipriani,Miss Universe Ecuador 2015 will crown her successor.

Miss Ecuador 2016 finalist are: Ana Cristina Mick (Riobamba),Bianka Fuentes, (Guayaquil),Carmen Iglesias (Portoviejo), Carole Abedrabbo (Quito),Cristina Vásquez (Cuenca), Connie Jiménez (Ventanas), Francesca Possieri (Guayaquil), Ivanna Abad (Machala),Jushtin Osorio. (JCL),Karen Guerrero (Guayaquil),Karen Vélez (Loja),Karla Morales (Machala),Laura Arizala (Esmeraldas),María Cecilia Drouet (Salinas),María Fernanda Manzano (Quito),María Isabel Piñeyro (Guayaquil),María Laura Ruiz (Guayaquil), Milkha Moreira (Quito),Paola Vintimilla (Cuenca),Yoselin Noroña (Buena Fe)& Zulibeth Coronel (Puyo).

Ecuador has placed only thrice at the Miss Universe pageant first being in 1981 when Lucía Isabel Vinueza Urjelles managed to grab a top 12 spot for the country. In 2004 Ecuador hosted Miss Universe pageant where they also received a Top 10 spot courtesy of María Susana Rivadeneira Simball. Constanza  Báez bagged the second runner-up crown at the Miss Universe 2013 pageant in Moscow,Russia highest placement for Ecuador at Miss Universe yet. María Fernanda Cornejo Alfaro,Miss International 2011 is the only Ecuadorian women to win the title.In the same year fellow compatriot Olga Alva bagged the Miss Earth 2011 crown & making Ecuador one of the few countries to have won two or more crown in one year.

Miss Ecuador 2016 Contestants:



Photo Credit: Miss Universe Facebook Page & Miss Ecuador Pageant Facebook Page


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