POLL: Miss Earth Pageant v/s Miss Grand International Pageant [VOTE NOW!]

Miss Grand International 2015 and Miss Earth 2015
Miss Grand International 2015 is Anea Garcia (Dominican Republic) and Miss Earth 2015 is Angelia Ong (Philippines)

Majority of pageant fans know about the frequent wars between Miss Earth (ME) and Miss Grand International (MGI) fans.  While ME got created in 2001, MGI started in 2013.  And yet, MGI is now one of the known international pageants.  Many think that in few years Miss Grand International may surpass Miss Earth in terms of fame and reputation.  Do you foresee it happening?

One reason why many people may support Miss Grand International more is that the results of the pageant are generally more transparent and less debatable.  There are generally no WTF placements or exclusions.  On the other hand, every year there is some or the other controversy when it comes to Miss Earth results.  The pageant is said to be favouring few countries and some of it’s fans often make baseless comments about few girls who don’t place in spite of being strong.  Miss Grand International has better stage and production value than Miss Earth in eyes of many.  On the other hand, Miss Earth perhaps has a better and more practical cause.  You can imagine a young beautiful girl influencing people to care more for nature, but it is difficult to see how a beauty queen can stop wars.  Miss Earth also has a longer history since it is much older.  Miss Grand International has never left Thailand, while Miss Earth last year was held in Austria.  In other words, both pageants have their strengths.

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Update: MGI got 90.6 % votes, ME got 9.4 % votes

We know this is a controversial question and hence we avoid passing a judgement here.  Last time we asked you to choose between Noyonita Lodh and Urvashi Rautela, this time we request you to choose between Miss Earth and Miss Grand International.  Which is your favourite pageant?

Image Credits: Miss Earth and Miss Grand International pages on Facebook