John Yamanouchi is Mister World Japan 2016

John Yamanouchi

John Yamanouchi has won the title of Mister World Japan 2016.  He is 27 and stands 6 feet tall.  His mother is Filipina and father is Japanese-American.  He has been modelling for leading brands in Tokyo, Japan and Manila, Philippines.  He stars in a hit series in Japan.  His siblings also have been beauty pageant aspirants.

In most probability, John Yamanouchi will be participating in Mister World 2016.  Last Mister World edition was held in 2014 at Cardiff, Wales where Nicklas Pedersen of Denmark emerged out as the winner.  Till now, Japan has not won the Mister World title.  In fact, not a single Asian has won the title of Mister World till now.  In 2014, Japan was represented at Mister World by 21 years-old Tsuyoshi Akaboya from Tokyo.  Just like Miss World, Mister World pageant has rounds that evaluate the contestants in different aspects like talent, sports, fashion, styling and multimedia usage skills.  Compared to Mister World, Mister International is more famous among the male international pageants.  Mister International has been won by 4 Asians till now.

Japan has been doing well in female pageants.  However, it is yet to achieve success in male pageants.  Until now, Japan has won Miss Universe pageant twice.  The first time was in 1959 when Akiko Kojima won the title and second one was when Riyo Mori won it in 2007.

Credits: International MALE pageants page on Facebook