Ashton Colby: From beauty queen to being a man [Inspirational]


We came across the inspirational story of Ashton Colby who decided to listen his inner voice against all odds and manned up (literally) to pursue his dreams.  Ashton was born Ashley, a woman.  She came out as a lesbian at 13 and then started doing pageants on being complimented for her perfect body and blonde tresses.  Ashley enjoyed it for a while because her family was happy.  But when her last pageant (Miss Ohio, winning which could have lead to Miss America; she was 5th in Top Model round) was over, she was fed up.  She realised that she was being someone who she wasn’t.  She started exploring more about the people of her age who lived as transgender.  Within six months, she started living as a man.  She got double masectomy with the help of her supportive dad.  Her mother was not with her in this change.  Her friends were of help, some of whom happily received her pageant dresses.  Within few years, the mastectomy started showing results and she started looking like a man.  Her voice deepened and chest became hairy.  Now she started calling herself Ashton.  At the moment, Ashton is living happily with his straight girlfriend and considering whether to go for sexual re-assignment surgery.

Now here’s why we called the story inspirational.  Are we promoting transgender-ism?  No.  Are we promoting homosexuality?  No.  Are we promoting freedom?  Yes.  Are we promoting self-reliance?  Yes.  We see this as the story of an individual who listened to his inner voice within the chaos of this world.  How many people you know are doing that?  Most are insecured, half the time thinking about what others (who mostly don’t give a F) think.  Is following your heart selfish?  No.  Because being happy, honest and who you really are is not selfish.  Now Ashton lives a happy life and is in position to be of value to those whom he cares about.  Friends and family of Ashton should be proud!