Indonesia: The rising star in Miss Universe!

Puteri Indonesia

We were analysing the statistics for recent Miss Universe editions and found out that 5 countries have been placing in the Top 15/16 for the past three years.  They are USA, Venezuela, Brazil, Philippines and Indonesia.  Now Venezuela is no surprise.  They are the powerhouse of Miss Universe.  USA also sends strong delegates and mostly places.  Philippines is emerging as the new Powerhouse in past few years.  Brazil is also a strong country in Miss Universe.  But Indonesia is the surprising name in the list.  While countries like Puerto Rico, India, Dominican Republic, Mexico, etc. which are always strong in Miss Universe pageant are not able to pull continuous placements, a country which placed only once before 2013 has been doing it every year like a pro!

It all begun with Puteri Indonesia 2013 Whulandry Herman.  To some, her placement was surprising because of the weak sash, but most people took it positively because she showed a lot of confidence and presence on the stage during the presentation show.  After Miss Universe, she has achieved good success in modelling.  Puteri Indonesia 2014 Elvira Devinamira won “Best in national costume” in Miss Universe and also made it to the Top 15.  She was not much talked about during the pageant, but in the presentation show she came across very much groomed and prepared.  Her gown was gorgeous and in the finals, she looked like a doll in the swimsuit round.  In 2015, when Anindya Kusuma Putri won Puteri Indonesia, most of us found her plain and over-rated.  But she showed her mettle in the presentation show of Miss Universe.  She may not be one of the standouts, but she carried herself with a lot of grace and confidence.  The stage presence was good and the grooming was clearly visible.  Thus, good grooming seems to be the secret behind Indonesia’s success.

Indonesia has to be taken seriously now at Miss Universe.  It is fiercely competing with Thailand and India for the second spot after Philippines among the Top Asian countries at Miss Universe.  Within 2-3 weeks, we will know the name of the new queen.  Puteri Indonesia 2016 will represent the country at coming Miss Universe edition.  Will she continue the placement streak?  Only time will show.

Images: Miss Universe website