Miss World 2015 Hotpicks [Final & Exclusive]

Miss World 2015 Final Hotpicks : Check out the hot favorites
Who will succeed Rolene Strauss as the next Miss World?

Miss World 2015 Hotpicks: The 65th edition of Miss World pageant will reach it’s climax tomorrow at the Beauty Crown, Grand Theater in the tropical islands of Sanya, China. 114 contestants from across the globe have competed in various challenger activities to secure their places in the semi-finals of Miss World 2015. The format of the pageant is kept a top secret by the organization; only the results of Talent which was won my Miss Guyana Lisa Punch & Sports challenger event which was won by Miss Namibia Steffi Van Wyk are known yet.  Other results might be released by MWO just before the finale or during the finale.

Miss World 2015 will be remembered for it’s slow and lackluster coverage and probably one of the most average batches in the history of the pageant.  There is clearly no front runner at this moment, unlike previous years; this made it quite hard to predict/come up with Miss World 2015 Hotpicks.  We have seen some extraordinary ladies who have proven their detractors wrong, as we prepare to bid farewell to the stunning Miss World 2014, Rolene Strauss of South Africa and welcome a new Miss World winner.  We are quite eager to see how the new winner reigns as she has some big shoes to fill in.

Presenting TGPC’s Miss World 2015 Hotpicks

Miss World 2015 Hotpicks, final and exclusive. The finals will be held on 19th December in Sanya, China with 120+ beauties.
Miss World 2015 Hotpicks

Miss World 2015: France – Hinarere Taputu:  There is something about Hinarere’s smile that captures one’s imagination; this humble lady from Tahiti has everything going right for her to make it to the top of the list.

First Princess: Australia – Tess Alexander:  She has literally came out of no where to become a front runner at this year’s pageant; many pageant experts are predicting her to win but we believe she will miss the crown by a whisker.

Second Princess:Spain – Mireia Lalaguna:  This Hot Chica from Barcelona is a stunner from head to toe.  She hasn’t been noticed much by other experts but she has done remarkably well by placing in fast tracks like Top Model & sports.  A Spanish victory might be on card in China.

Third Runner-up: Brazil – Catharina Choi:  Bit disappointed by how she faded away initially, but she has gained momentum slowly. If she makes it to top 5, it will be hard to beat her.

Fourth Runner-up :Jamaica – Sanneta Myrie:  One of the most consistent performers of the batch, Sanneta has everything going on for her; honestly she might just bag the crown if lady luck favors her tomorrow night.

TOP 10

6: Guyana – Lisa Punch:  We always believed she would win the talent competition and she didn’t let us down.  Packed with a great BWAP project, Lisa is her to deliver the final punch to all her contestants and walk away with the title.

7: Samoa – Latafale Auva’a:  She might not be the prettiest girl in the world or even Samoa, but she has an amazing attitude and  personality which has helped her do so well in the pageant.  She has definiteley proved her Prime Mister wrong by putting Samoa on the map of pageantry.

8: India – Aditi Arya:  Carrying hopes of 1.20 billion people on her shoulders, Aditi’s performance at Miss World has been well received by her fans as well as her critics.  Can she give India it’s sixth Miss World crown?

9: Poland – Marta Pałucka:  Face of the pageant!  If beauty pageants were just based on facial beauty, this girl would have won the crown on the first day itself.  Marta is the prettiest face in the group; her victory won’t come as a surprise, considering she has done well enough to place in the pageant.

10: South Africa – Liesl Laurie: Can she defend the crown of South Africa? HELL YESS! she is one of those few girls who have made their presence felt in the pageant from the very beginning her communication skills are top notch which will help her during the Speech section/Q&A round.

TOP 15

11: United States – Victoria Mendoza:  Probably the winner of the all important Beauty with the Purpose award, Victoria is determined to bring home the crown.

12:South Sudan – Ajaa Monchol:  The tallest girl of the batch hails from the youngest nation in the world.  She can easily be mistaken for a runway model in Paris or Milan.  Ajaa has kept South Sudan’s placement streak going on at the Top Model Challenger event & she will also place high at the finale for sure.

13:Philippines – Hillarie Parungao:  They say good things come in tiny packages and Hillarie is a perfect example of it.  We just adore her flawless face and her humble persona; she is one of the top 10 girls in people’s choice award and if she wins it, she will advance to the top 6.  Considering Philippines is a pageant crazy country, Hillarie might just enter the top 6.

14:Indonesia – Maria Harfanti:  Her strongest point is that she is an absolutely charming speaker; you will just adore her (just check her introduction video).  This girl can win first big international pageant crown for Indonesia.

15: New Zealand – Deborah Lambie:  One of the best girls from her country, she is leading in the app poll and has a good chance of pulling a major surprise.

Honorable Mention

Miss China Pr- Yuan Lu: for being a gracious host.

Miss Namibia – Steffi Van Wyk: for winning the Sports event and getting selected for talent challenger event.

Miss England-Natasha Hemmings,Miss Netherlands-Margot Hanekamp,Miss Vietnam-Trần Ngọc Lan Khuê: for doing well overall.

Photo Credit: Miss World Organization