Miss Universe 2015 Format: No More Top 15, just 10?

Miss Universe 2015 Format change: No More Top 15, just 10?

Miss Universe 2015 format
The Miss Universe 2015 Format may be similar to the format of Miss Universe 2000. However, this is not yet confirmed.

The word around is that Miss Universe 2015 Format will not be the same as last year!  There will just be a Top 10.  We are waiting for an official announcement yet, but it is being said that Miss Universe President Paula Shugart confirmed this in one of her recent interviews.  Our first reaction to this news is SHOCK!  It’s been 14 years since Miss Universe ditched the Top 10 format and started calling 15 girls as semi-finalists to compete in the finals.  And now there will be just 10 out of 80 contestants!  They will compete in swimsuits and evening gowns. Then Top 5 will be announced who will compete in interviews (Judges’ Questions).  Top 3 will be announced who will answer a common question and then there will be a final vote based on overall impression and performance in the last round.  Let us make it clear now itself – this is NOT confirmed yet!  However, the fans are already a bit frightened for their favorites!

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Firstly let’s see why the rumored Miss Universe 2015 format is not going well with the fans.  Top 10 means ONLY 10 girls will be in the spotlight during the finals!  In the previous format, 5 more girls got the chance.  With a batch as competitive as this one, obviously the fans will start fearing for their favorite delegates!  Even if a girl has done well in presentation show, who knows how the interviews went!  Only the best of the best will make it to the next round.  After a year of hard-work, it is always better that more and more girls get acknowledged for their efforts and potential.

Miss Universe 2015 format

The Miss Universe 2015 format also has it’s pros.  As such in the previous format it seemed that 5 or 6 girls were picked by Miss Universe Organization for political reasons.  At least that is what majority of the fans had to say.  Now with just 10, there can be a tighter and more exciting competition.  As such, many fans wanted to see all semi-finalists competing in swimsuit and evening gown rounds before the Top 5 is chosen.  So now this wish is granted.  Another advantage of this format is that Top 3 is selected based on interviews solely.  Hence there won’t be surprising exclusions from Top 3.  Kaci Fennell of Jamaica perhaps could have got her due with this format.  This format starkly resembles the format of Miss Universe 2000.  And it is those years of Miss Universe that have received maximum appreciations from fans.

Thus, the rumored Miss Universe 2015 format is bringing some excitement along with some fear.  A part of us feels more optimistic about than negative.  Perhaps the golden era of Miss Universe is returning with these changes.  Let us see how things work out with the new format in the finals.  So excited!

Images: Tom’s Page of Miss Universe Mania