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Miss Universe 2015 Preliminary Evening Gown: Top 10 Choices

Top 10 Performers at Miss Universe 2015 Preliminary Evening Gown Round

Miss Universe 2015 Preliminary can be rated as one of the best preliminaries round because the production was extremely good and the pool of the contestants was also nice. When it comes to Evening gown round, it always leads to so many speculations as to what gown a particular girl shall wear. There were few misses and few hits at Miss Universe 2015 Preliminary Evening Gown round. Our team carefully analysed all the girls’ performances and picked out 10 girls who stood out in evening gown round. Let’s see who they are.



Miss Universe 2015 Preliminary Evening Gown


Ariadna had stunning evening gown that fitter her so well, adding to this her towering height, solid confidence and impeccable presence made her stand out. However, her hair did make her look little old but we are okay as she compensated it with rest qualities.




Urvashi stunned us with her killer attitude. Her evening gown looked expensive and while she was walking down the stair, it gave see through affects that made it look extremely sexy in motion. However, we feel she needs to tone down the excess layers of make-up as this takes away her real beauty.


Miss Universe 2015 Preliminary Evening Gown


Aniporn almost killed me in evening gown round. Her never ending height and her goddess like appearance in that white gown made her an instant stand out. The only complained I had was her make-up, which if corrected in the finale, she will be a BANG on out there.

7-Great Britain

Miss Universe 2015 Preliminary Evening Gown

Great Britain

The major reason we loved Nena was not because of her outstanding gown, but because of her extremely radiant personality on the stage. She is one of those girls who charms you through her personality and presence, not just by facial beauty. She became one of our favourites after Miss Universe 2015 Preliminary Evening Gown round.


Miss Universe 2015 Preliminary Evening Gown


Facially, Marthina is not the best out there, but this girl knows how to turn on the game when it comes to performance. She literally killed it with her stunning attitude in that expensive evening gown. She was pitch perfect when it came to Evening Gown.


Miss Universe 2015 Preliminary Evening Gown


What made Pia even more noticeable was the strong support from the crowd which boosted her confidence. She was like, “Hell Yeah…I am the queen here”. Loved her confidence in Miss Universe 2015 Evening Gown round. We also loved this red gown, unlike the white gown of MJ Lastimosa. The only complain we had was her back burn, top burn would have gone better on her. However, we are sure she will change it in finale.

4-Dominican Republic

Miss Universe 2015 Preliminary Evening Gown

Dominican Republic

Stunning Clarissa killed the competition by being a dead ringer of Zuleyka Rivera‘s performance. Many people gave a negative feedback to her for this but we feel this is what made her a stand out, otherwise people might not even have noticed her. For us, she is one of the strongest performers of the night and has a great chance of winning the main crown as well.


Miss Universe 2015 Preliminary Evening Gown


The evening gown of Kosovo was a beautiful amalgamation of retro+modern styling. She looked like a star and her beauty was an added charm to that gown. If we base our winner solely on Evening Gown, Kosovo would have topped out chart. She is a shoo in for the Top 5 with such gown.


Miss Universe 2015 Preliminary Evening Gown


And here comes the goddess in white..!! We don’t remember having such a stunning Miss Vietnam  in Miss Universe till date. She was also one of those very few girls who performed extremely well in Miss Universe 2015 Preliminary Evening Gown and Swimsuit round. She reminds us of Miss China Universe 2011, Luo Zi Lin, who was as tall and stunning as her. If luck favours the weak Sash of Vietnam, she could be the new Miss Universe.


Miss Universe 2015 Preliminary Evening Gown


We never thought that there would be a time when we would put Myanmar as out winner. But here it is…!!! She was pitch perfect from head to toe with this light peach gown, yes even with that heavenly fall. She did one of the best recoveries in the history of Evening Gown falls. To us, she is one of the best surprises of the night. Hope she makes it to the finale and we get to see her again in Evening gown round (of course without any more slips).

Credits: Global Beauties

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