Miss Universe 2015 Fan Vote to decide the Winner: Really Needed???

Is Miss Universe 2015 Fan Vote to decide winner really required?

Miss Universe 2015 Fan Vote

Recently, Miss Universe Organisation made an announcement on their webpage that fans across the glove will now have a say in deciding who will be the winner of Miss Universe 2015. The screenshot indicates that audience shall be able to vote their favourite contestants during Live telecast. Miss Universe 2015 Fan Vote has become the talk of all pageant portal at the moment. We really feel that there needs to be some twist where the public won’t have a complete control over deciding the winner otherwise it will be a serious concern for Miss Universe where they will soon die if they continue to do this. We had following points in mind when we heard about Miss Universe 2015 Fan Vote for selecting the winner:

  1. If the winner shall purely be selected by the number of votes she receives, then countries like British Virgin Islands, Nigeria, Angola, Sri Lanka etc will never win because the population count of those countries is no way equal to countries like China, India, Canada or neither their general audience is pageant crazy such as Venezuela, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Puerto Rico etc. Hence such small countries will never be able to win the contest.
  2. Adding to above point, the role of the finale judges won’t have any importance at all apart from the fact that no matter how your girl perform in the finale, if your country is voting for her, she will win.
  3. Another opinion that comes to our mind is that Miss Universe 2015 Fan Vote might be given a certain percentage score to add upto the finale judges’ score and the total score will determine the final ranking. In this case also we really feel it’s unfair to smaller or developing countries because their girls might not get such huge votes.
  4. Also, the voting is limited to the period of 3 hours during Live telecast, where many country has night-time. Hence, many of them might not even be watching the show like that of USA audience.
  5. There is a possibility of voting scheme being similar to 2011 edition where if you are voting for your own country’s representative, she will get 1 point but if she is from some other country, she will receive 10 points. Here, again we have an argument that it is still unfair. There could be many people who are settled down abroad, hence their votes still get their own country 10 points.

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We feel that a spot in Top 15/10 is just more than enough to keep the momentum of the pageant. Let her compete on her own merit and why depend on votes to win the contest? Miss Universe 2015 Fan Vote might just be a disaster because if the winner shall purely be decided by the polls, then there is a good chance that they might get a winner with weaker personality which is difficult with past format.

Having said all this, we would like to be positive about this change because at the end of the day it’s Miss Universe, they always come up with surprises and most of the times they have impressed the audiences. It won’t be a simple Poll for sure..!!!

Credits:  Miss Universe