Miss Universe 2015 Headshots: Top 10 Picks

Miss Universe 2015 Headshots have been released last week and once again Fadil did a great job with camera. However, the overall level of expectation from girls was high as they did extremely in their Glamshots but Miss Universe 2015 Headshots were a bit of disappointment in terms of variety. Our team evaluated all the girls on the basis of their posture, beauty and overall ‘IT’ factor and picked up the top 10 of Miss Universe 2015 Headshots. Let’s see who all made it to our list.

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Top 10 of Miss Universe 2015 Headshots

10th: Vienam

Miss Universe 2015 Headshots

Vietnam’s whole charm is in her 100 watt smile. She is one of the most beautiful faces of Asia. Huong Pham is the one to watch out in the preliminary for sure.

9th: Albania

Miss Universe 2015 Headshots

Megi Luka knows one thing for sure ‘How to flirt with Camera’, after all she is selected by Fadil Berisha during her national competition. Nailing Miss Universe 2015 Headshots was not a big deal for her. What we loved the most was her fierce expression.

8th: Georgia

Miss Universe 2015 Headshots

Although Georgia is not a strong sash at Miss Universe, we feel her facial beauty should compensate all that. Such a pretty face can never fail when it comes to delivering a picture during headshots.

7th: Turkey

Miss Universe 2015 Headshots

She surprised us the most out of this bunch because we never considered a threat. But after this headshot, we fell in love with her beauty. She looks so charming that anyone would have picked her as their top bet based on this picture.

6th: Ireland

Miss Universe 2015 Headshots

Ireland’s Joanna Cooper was the last contestant to be selected for Miss Universe 2015 contest. When most people thought that she will face the problem in standing out at the contest due to her less preparation, we feel she actually didn’t need it because she nailed it effortlessly in his headshot.

5th: Venezuela

Miss Universe 2015 Headshots

Mariana Jimenez once again nailed this shot. She has hardly failed to impress us when it comes to be in front of camera. Here, she reminds me a bit of Irene Esser and Gabriela Isler.

4th: Indonesia

Miss Universe 2015 Headshots

We were one of those people who thought Anindya Kusuma won’t have an easy walk for placement in Miss Universe 2015 contest. However, she proved us all wrong. We take back our words because this girl is growing on us day by day. She is definitely one to watch in prelims and most probably in finale as well.

3rd: USA

Miss Universe 2015 Headshots

We don’t think it was a difficult task for Olivia Jordan to place in Top 3 of Miss Universe 2015 Headshots. She already was our top choice in glamshot and this shot is no exception when it comes to impressing our panel. With such a great delivery skills and rock solid personality, we don’t see a valid reason as to why she should not win Miss Universe 2015?

2nd: France

Miss Universe 2015 Headshots

Hail to the Queen..!!! Every time we see Flora standing out in Miss Universe contest, we feel extremely sad for Miss World that they lost such a gem from the finale. Her tanned skin can set a trend and her outstanding beauty can never be ignored, adding to this, her maturity of delivering in front of camera will definitely help her stand out in preliminary as well.

Winner: Tanzania

Miss Universe 2015 Headshots

And here comes the GODDESS..!!! We just loved the spark in this headshot give by Tanzania. She is the black barbie of this pageant. If there is any African who has potential to do very well, it is Tanzania. The headshot summarises the emotion of happiness+fierceness+charm. The very moment you see her pic you will scream WOW. Her Evening Gown shot was also one of our Top 10 Picks.

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Credits: Miss Universe