Miss Universe 2015 Caribbean: Top Choices for the Crown

Miss Universe 2015 Caribbean
Zuleyka Rivera of Puerto Rico was the last Miss Universe from Caribbean

Caribbean is a small region and yet it has produced some really amazing queens in the Miss Universe history.  The region has produced in total 8 Miss Universe winners.  Apart from winners, numerous runner-ups, finalists, semi-finalists and special award winners have come from this region.  This year too, the region is very strong in the Miss Universe pageant.

Review: Miss Universe 2015 Caribbean Candidates

Winner: Dominican Republic, Clarissa Molina

Miss Universe 2015 Caribbean

Gorgeous Clarissa has spent most of her life in the United States of America.  She can mimic Donald Duck’s voice and admires Eva Longoria.  Of course, these are not the reasons why we consider her a favorite!  This lass is tall, lean and very beautiful facially.  At times she reminds us of Rolene Strauss, the reigning Miss World.  Her swimsuit and evening gown presentations in the national finals were amazing.  It depends on how things unfold in the prelims/finals, for now we see her as a probable Top 5 delegate.  She can win Miss Universe crown too!

1st Runner-up: Puerto Rico, Catalina Morales

Miss Universe 2015 Caribbean

There are many reasons to consider Catalina a strong delegate.  She has a rocking body.  She comes from the pageant powerhouse Puerto Rico.  It is sure that she will be highly prepared for the Miss Universe pageant.  She also wrote a book during her reign!  Plus the girl is pretty.  There are fair chances of her placing in the finals.

2nd Runner-up: Jamaica, Sharlene Radlein

Miss Universe 2015 Caribbean

Sharlene looked amazing in Miss Jamaica finals.  Her body seemed in perfect shape and her modelling shots were a delight to watch.  However, she doesn’t look THAT good in Las Vegas.  Nevertheless, we still won’t count her out.  Perhaps she may shine in the prelims?!


Curacao, Bahamas and Haiti are still in our radar.  These girls are not really standing out right now, but we will still wait for the prelims before counting them out.  Curacao is a raw diamond.  She is very tall and that can help her.  Bahamas is perhaps the tallest delegate this year and can stand out in prelims if styled well.  Haiti is much shorter than the other two, but she is elegant and has a nice presence.

Thus, the Caribbean contingent is strong this year with a crown contender in Miss Dominican Republic.  Trinidad and Tobago is being missed though.

Image Credits: Miss Universe website