Miss Universe 2015 Asia: Top Choices for the Crown

Miss Universe 2015 is going to be a blood bath with so many stunner competing against each other. While most of the years, we pick the list of girls who can win the contest, this year we are confused even picking up who all will make it to the finale. Recently we reviewed all the contestants from America and Carribean, today we shall review the contestants of Miss Universe 2015 Asia region. Asia this year is one of the strongest batches in recent years. The last time we saw Asian creating waves in Miss Universe was in 2007 where we had 3 finalists and winner from Asia along with 2 sub awards winner. Let’s see who stood out from Miss Universe 2015 Asia for our team.

Review of Miss Universe 2015 Asia

Winner: India, Urvashi Rautela
Miss Universe 2015 Asia

Urvashi Rautela can be considered as one of the strongest representatives that is sent from India after Lara Dutta. This girl made waves since 2012 and is now finally representing India at Miss Universe 2015. The main reason we feel she is the strongest from Asia is because she has impeccable presence on the stage and in real life as well. She knows how to grab the attention of people. We won’t be wrong if we say she is tailored to be the new Miss Universe. Probably, the least we shall see from her is a Top 5 placement.

1st Runner-up: Philippines, Pia Wurtzbach
Miss Universe 2015 Asia

It comes as no surprise that this girl is the second strongest from Miss Universe 2015 Asia batch. She has transformed extremely beautiful that if you see her pictures from the first edition she competed to the current time, you will see a cocoon transforming into a butterfly. The improvement in her body is commendable. We are expecting a killer performance from her in the prelim as well as finale. Beside, for a moment, you can ignore Venezuela in the competition but ignoring Philippines is impossible.

2nd Runner-up: Thailand, Aniporn Chalermburanawong
Miss Universe 2015 Asia

Aniporn is our sentimental favourite girl in the contest. We love her exquisite features and her modelesque frame. She is one of the most beautiful Miss Thailand we have seen in years. Beside, if new Miss Universe organisation is focusing more on modelling, she would be unbeatable. Her towering height, exotic beauty and sexy body will land her far. We would love to see her in the final 5 of the contest.

Close Shots

Vietnam is one of the best beauties of the pageant. Her doll-like face can help her charm her way to judges heart. The last and the only time Vietnam place in Miss Universe 2008. We are hopeful of her placing again this year. China is also an unconventionally beautiful girl who has chances of placing and doing well in Top 15. Another girl whom we love is Japan, she made her presence felt due to the controversy about race back post her crowning. She isn’t the prettiest in the group but her unconventional features are desirable in modelling world. She can place in the pageant due to her high fashion skills and good performance in the prelim.

Considerations: Indonesia and Myanmar

What do you think about our picks? How far do you agree with them? Do let us know.

Credits: Miss Universe