Miss Universe 2015 America: Top Choices for the Crown

Miss Universe 2015 has kick started so well that it has brought in lot of excitement among the fans. We can see all the contestants constantly updating their social media and hence it becomes very easy for us to stay updated with their daily activities. As we followed many contestants, we could see many front-runners going down the list and many dark horses rising upon the list. Today we shall be doing a review of Miss Universe 2015 America region where all the girls competing from America will be given a probable ranking by our team to predict how far the girl could go.

Review of Miss Universe 2015 America

Winner: Colombia, Ariadna Gutierrez

Miss Universe 2015 America

This girl is killer in her stills as well as in motion. Here recent videos from Miss Universe 2015 pre-pageant activities shows how live this girl is. She has stunning presence and can lit up the environment surrounding her. People are underestimating her capabilities just because Colombia won Miss Universe last year , but with a girl like her, we don’t mind seeing a Back to Back again.

1st Runner-up: USA. Olivia Jordan

Miss Universe 2015 America

If Ariadna stuns you with her live personality, Olivia stuns you with her extremely charming presence. She has hell lot of experience in pageants that is acting as a strong back bone to her, along with her mentors Shandey Finnesey and Susie Castillo. We are sure that if she is in Top 5, she will slaughter the question-answer round with an extreme ease. She might just do another Olivia Culpo by winning the crown in Las Vegas.

2nd Runner-up: Brazil, Marthina Brandt

Miss Universe 2015 America

Facially, she wasn’t my first pick for the Top 3 spots for Miss Universe 2015 America region. However, when I saw few of her videos, I realise that this girl can burn the stage right away. She has this killer body which will be a super hit on the stage of Miss Universe. Brazil is enjoying the placement streak in Miss Universe since 2011 and we feel Marthina will continue to spread that joy by placing for Brazil in the finale.

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Close Shots: These are the girls who may join into the finale with their stunning performances

Venezuela, Mariana Jimenez

Miss Universe 2015 America

Facially not one of the best Miss Venezuela but she wears the sash of Venezuela. PERFORMANCE is all that you can expect from her and she might impress judges with an impeccable performance.

Peru, Laura Spoya

Miss Universe 2015 America

She was hyped as one of the major crown contenders in the beginning but her arrival pictures were bit disappointing. However, we feel she is still in the race and could be a good semi-finalists.

Costa Rica, Brenda Castro

Miss Universe 2015 America
Costa Rica

The selection of Brenda Castro was a wise decision by Costa Rica. They last placed in 2013 in Top 15 and this girl reminds me a lot of Johana Solano, who was a Top 10 in 2011 for Costa Rica. Brenda would be a treat to watch on the stage for sure.

Considerations: These are girls who are yet to create much of Buzz in the contest but does have potential to create upset in finale.

Mexico, Canada, Ecuador, Panama

What do you think about our picks? How far do you agree with them? Do let us know.

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