Huong Pham, Miss Vietnam Universe: Is she all hype?

Miss Vietnam, Huong Pham – Queen of Hype?


Miss Universe 2015 is at it’s peak.  The pageant is getting more attention than Miss World and most pageant fans are saying that Miss Universe has got a better batch.  This year Asians are dominating the Miss Universe batch along with Latinas.  Miss India, Miss Philippines, Miss Thailand and Miss Vietnam are getting a lot of attention.  Most pageant portals have these ladies in their Top 15.  Except Vietnam, all other countries have won Miss Universe in past.  Will Vietnam get it’s first Miss Universe this year with Huong Pham?  Let us look at both sides of the coin and then conclude.

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First let us look at the positive points of Huong Pham.  Huong Pham is very beautiful by face.  She has a toned body and good figure.  Her walk, as seen during national finals, is good.  She has won the national pageant on 5th attempt.  This shows how much determined she was to succeed.  She also competed in Vietnam’s Next Top Model in 2010.  Thus the girls has a good amount experience under her belt.

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Now let us look at the other side of the coin.  Huong Pham is a decent speaker.  However, is that good enough?  There are good chances that Miss USA Olivia Jordan will be in Top 5.  Olivia gave amazing performance in the interview rounds of Miss USA 2015.  Will Huong be able to face the interview rounds with same confidence?  Huong Pham is definitely beautiful, but can her face compete with beauties like Miss India Urvashi Rautela or Miss Philippines Pia Wurtzbach.  Delegates from countries like Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, India, Philippines, USA, Thailand, etc. come with a lot of preparation.  Vietnam is not really known for preparing their girls that well.  Will Huong be able to compete with the well-groomed lasses from these countries?

Thus, Miss Vietnam Huong Pham definitely has potential, but the competition is equally strong.  Miss Vietnam is for sure not ” just hype”.  She deserves the attention.  Most probably she will be bringing the second placement to Vietnam in Miss Universe.  We feel she will crack the Top 10 too.  A lot depends on her styling and gown in the evening gown competition.  For now we are 50-50 about her chances in the Top 5.  While we won’t bet our money on her as yet, she is definitely one of the strong contenders for the Miss Universe title this year.

Image Credits: Miss Universe