Was 2012 debacle a blessing in disguise to Urvashi Rautela?

Was 2012 Debacle a Blessing in disguise for Urvashi Rautela?

Urvashi Rautela
Urvashi Rautela with her runner-ups in Miss Diva 2015

The story of Urvashi Rautela, the front-runner from India in Miss Universe 2015 title, is very interesting.  In 2012, Urvashi won the title of Miss Universe India.  However, within few days of her win, she had to give up the title.  It was discovered that she was ineligible for the Miss Universe contest.  She fell short of the lower age-limit just by few days.  She cordially gave up the title and Shilpa Singh, her first runner-up, was chosen to fill in her shoes.  Urvashi joined Bollywood and became a national celebrity with a huge fanbase in a short period of time.  To everyone’s surprise, she returned back to pageantry in 2015 and won Miss Universe India title again. This being known, some people actually believe that the debacle that happened in 2012 helped Urvashi more than hurting her.  Can it be true?

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Many believe that it would have been best had Urvashi Rautela got the chance to go to Miss Universe in 2012 itself.  She looked more youthful then.  Her body was in perfect shape; as of now, she is definitely on heavier side compared to then.  Her stage presence was great then too.  Perhaps she would have rocked Miss Universe 2012 finals and cracked the Top 5 at least!

But yes, there are definitely some good points of her participating in 2015 instead of 2012.  Three years add a lot of maturity in any person.  Now she is coming back with some experience of the real world.  She has tasted stardom in a strong way.  She knows how to be the center of attraction.  Her experience in Bollywood has instilled a lot of confidence and charisma in her.  In Miss Universe 2015, she is clearly under the limelight in most of the events.  She stands out in the pictures and the videos.  The other girls seem to be loving her.  She seems to be having the time of her life.  Everything is working out for her.  The fact that she is finally getting a chance to live her dream makes the whole experience all the more special for her.  Her desire to give her best and win is in a much stronger place because of the debacle that happened in 2012.  For other girls, this can be a “very good experience in life”.  For her, it is a “miracle”, a part of her “saga”.  Success always tastes a hell lot sweeter because of the sorrows and the obstacles that preceed it.  Also, one more point in her favour is that this year sees the introduction of talent round, which Urvashi can ace.

Thus,  there is some merit to the argument that 2012 debacle that happened was actually a blessing in disguise to Urvashi Ratuela.  As they say, nothing ever goes wrong!

Images: Urvashi Rautela Facebook