Miss World 2015 Introduction Videos: Top 5 choices by Experts

Top 5 Miss World 2015 Introduction Videos

Miss World 2015 Introduction Videos of all the contestants have been  released today. As usual, few girls surfaced up as a sudden favourite and few bombed in their interview which lead to the fall of their front-runner status. Our team went through all the videos of Miss World 2015 Introduction by contestants and picked out Top 5 that caught their instant attention. They also picked up few notable videos that deserves a mention. Remember, these picks are based on overall impression which is formed by Facial Beauty+Positive Aura+ Charm and Radiance+Communication Skills+Confidence rather than just one factor.

Winner: Samoa
Miss World 2015 Talent Round
Samoa- Latafale Auva’va

This girl is unstoppable. I loved how she started off her interview with so much of energy and it remained constant till the end. She is making waves already due to her attractive personality and is presently sealed in our Top 5 of Miss World 2015 prediction list. I also loved her Beauty with a Purpose project where she distributed more than 5000 books to school to promote education. Definitely the one to watch out.

1st Runner-up: South Africa
Liesl Laurie
South Africa-Liesl Lauri

She is extremely confident in what she is speaking. Her presence is rock solid and her facial beauty adds the charm to this. If Rolene had not won Miss World 2014, Liesl would have been my top bet.

2nd Runner-up: India
Miss World 2015 Introduction Videos
India-Aditi Arya

Aditi is a soft-spoken girl and she doesn’t rush while speaking, which most of the girls did. Her words could be heard very clearly which is really a true sign of a great communication. Adding to this, we can see another great Beauty with a Purpose project coming from India this year. She will definitely do well in interview round.

3rd Runner-up: Nepal
Miss World 2015 Introduction Videos
Nepal-Evana Manandhar

She exudes the extreme confidence in her speech and mannerism. She reminds me of Ishani Sreshtha who was a Top 10 at Miss World 2013. Her Beauty with a Purpose project is also a standout where she is helping people of her country affected during flood.

4th Runner-up: Brazil
Miss World 2015 Introduction Videos
Brazil -Catharina Choi Nunes

I was expecting her to lead this round but she couldn’t. However, her overall charm and her radiant face can’t be ignored. She is extremely well spoken and a sorted out person. Her previous experience is helping her and this is quite visible. She started fading away in the contest till now, after being a pre-arrival top favourite, but now she has regain the status. Watch out for her coming fast tracks.

Few other girls who caught the attention of our team for Miss World 2015 Introduction Videos are:

Australia: Pretty and well spoken, Good confidence.

Bahamas: One of the most beautiful dark and radiant smile. Good communication skills as well.

Colombia: One of the most beautiful faces of the pageant this year. However, spoke little fast.

El Salvador: A girl with extreme confidence and pretty face. Well put content.

Fiji: Soft spoken yet confident. She knows what is her purpose in this contest.

Guyana: She is a singer. Her outspoken personality is something that stands her out.

Jamaica: Jamaica almost made it to our Top 5 best introduction video list but missed by just one vote. Very confident.

Malaysia: Malaysia has sent another strong fighter this year. Very talented girl.

Mongolia: I liked her more than China. Beautiful features and good communication skills.

Philippines: Extremely cutesy face and very girlish vibes. Julia would love her if ‘Fresh beauty’ is what all she is looking for this year.

Russia: Another best face of the contest but lacking a bit of personality here.

Tunisia: She was a surprised. I loved her smile and bubbly personality.

United States: She could be another Elizabeth Safrit in terms of communication skills.

Venezuela: She is one of the best speakers from her country after Ivian Sarcos.

Wales: She might not be as beautiful as Sophie Moulds but she is very much live and attractive personality.


Credits: Miss World