Miss World South Sudan 2015 is a girl to watch out at Miss World 2015

Tall:? Checked;

Dark? Checked;

Beautiful? Checked;

Intelligent? Check;

Charitable? Check;

Ajaa Kiir Monchol Miss World South Sudan 2015

You name it and she fulfils every criteria required to be the next Miss World. I am talking about than none other than Ajaa Kiir Monchol, a 22-year-old public relations officer and Miss World South Sudan 2015. Before I talk more in detail about the lovely Ajah, let me walk you all through memory lane of previous Miss World South Sudan delegates.

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Ajaa Kiir Monchol Miss World South Sudan 2015

South Sudan became the youngest nation in the world in 2011 when it gained independence and soon after that beauties of South Sudan officially entered the world of pageantry and took it by storm. The very first being Atong Demach, who captured everyone’s heart with her eloquence and charm. She attained the highest placement for South Sudan and Africa in 2012 and won awards such as Best in Interview, Miss World Top Model and Miss World Africa, the fans know that the real Miss World 2012 is South Sudan. Her legacy was continued by Manuela Modong, an equally stunning dame with a flawless dark skin and never forget to mention her tall height. She enamoured everyone with her fantastic top 10 top model finish. The next delegate was Awien Agoth who did not let her countrymen down. Like her predecessors, she was tall and dark and beautiful and placed second in Interview and top 5 in Top Model, the most sort after fast track of Miss World. Her Grace and charm and her efforts landed her a top 25 spot in Miss world finals and fans were quite disappointed with her top 11 exclusion.

Ajaa Kiir Monchol was crowned as Miss World South Sudan 2015

Ajaa Kiir Monchol Miss World South Sudan 2015

She was crowned Miss World South Sudan 2015 on September 27th 2015 and was a heavy favourite to win the crown, and she did beating other 12 beauties to claim the top prize. Ajah describes herself as ‘loyal, courageous and friendly.’ Born in Ethiopia, she grew up in Kenya and South Sudan, and is now a citizen of the world’s youngest nation. A PR officer, she aims to branch into accounting, and would love to work for an international banking organisation in the future. Sporty, Ajah enjoys playing basketball, netball and volleyball, she is a skilled acrobat, and she is a keen dancer. Recently she modelled for Doreen Mashika Zanzibar, and was the face of their campaign. Ajah is an avid reader and her favourite book is Ben Carson’s Think Big.

As the saying goes, heavy is the head that wears the crown, Ajah had big shoes to fill in because the amount of success her predecessors had achieved was simply massive. Initially people were not putting her as the heavy favourite to win miss world or even best in Africa but things changed slowly and steadily as pageant fans started to see more and more of her. I won’t be wrong if I say South Sudanese are born models, with her towering height (at 188, 6’2) she is the tallest delegate at Miss World something which will make her stand out especially at Top Model challenge event.Another thing which makes her a top bet is her BWP project which concerns about women suffering from fistula.

Ajaa Kiir Monchol Miss World South Sudan 2015

 In her own words she says, “The journey of beauties with a purpose of South Sudan started strong in 2012 and has been through the years. This year my goal as Miss World South Sudan is to advocate for rehabilitation of Fistula patients. For those of you who don’t know what Fistula is. Fistula is an injury caused by prolonged labor that leaves women leaking urine, feces, or both, and usually results in social isolation, and depression. There is an estimate of 60,000 women and girls who suffer from Fistula in South Sudan. My aim is to advocate for rehabilitation services for Fistula survivors, so they feel loved and cared for and are reintegrated back into their communities. With the support of my country and Miss World Organization, I hope to continue the legacy of Beauty with Purpose.”

Another event which she could really well is the Sports challenge event and she feels most confident about doing well in that event. South Sudanese beauties have always done well at the Interview round and Ajah is no exception. If anyone follows her page, they will know that she is not just a beauty but an Intelligent beauty. Following was a post from her page which impressed me the most.

“The woman who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one has ever been before” – Albert Einstein.

Ajaa Kiir Monchol Miss World South Sudan 2015

Moreover, we need a humble, caring, outreaching Miss World. She says

“With humility, let us join hands to serve humanity with the abilities we possess.”

Having taken all the points above, she is surely going to perform well in almost all the fast tracks and well who knows we might see the blue crown on her head. What more can Miss World be? She is everything that Miss World can be and more!!!

Check out her Introduction Video  and follow her journey on her Facebook Page.