Asha Bhat: Tribute to a Girl with Golden Heart

Asha Bhat was crowned Miss Supranational 2014

Asha Bhat was crowned Miss Supranational 2014
Asha Bhat during her visit to Myanmar
Asha, meaning wish, hope or desire is a name derived from Sanskrit language and our dearest Miss Supranational 2014 Asha Bhat is an embodiment of all these qualities put together with humbleness, exuberance and divinity. She exudes immaculate charm and grace. She’s not just a beautiful face, her sparkling eyes radiate the aura of a clean soul with a pure heart. Her pleasant smile brings joy to everyone around her and her single glance is powerful enough to melt anyone’s heart. All in all, she is a woman whom all young girls look up to, the one who epitomises the true essence of femininity. She’s a star, born to shine bright and be the harbinger of pride, progress and prosperity for her nation.
Asha Bhat was crowned Miss Supranational 2014
Asha Bhat in competing in Swimsuit Competition at Miss Supranational 2015
This enigmatic lady shares her birthday with one of the most respected and amazing personalities, former president of India, Dr. Radhakrishnan, whose birthday is celebrated as Teachers Day in India. He’s been one of the best scholars of India in philosophy and religion. He was awarded several awards, honors and titles nationally and internationally. We believe Asha has it in her too. She’s talented, she’s smart, she’s intelligent, she’s beautiful and most importantly, she has the burning desire to make India proud! She’s one of her kind, she’s unique. She represented India as an NCC cadet in SAARC in Sri Lanka in 2009 at 17 years of age and was awarded at NCC Cadet Ambassador of India. She made her motherland proud of her again when she won Miss Supranational 2014 in Poland last year and brought laurels to the country. Her victory brought tears in the eyes of many, including people from other nations as well. It was such an emotional moment, a moment to rejoice, a moment to celebrate, a moment to jubilate.
Asha Bhat was crowned Miss Supranational 2014
Coming from a country which proudly acclaims to be the largest democracy in the world, a country known for ‘unity in diversity ‘, for its rich cultural heritage and traditions, Asha perfectly epitomises a modern Indian lady, who embraces the modernisation without forsaking the good old traditional values. She’s full of intellect, and she’s full of life. She’s not just a beauty queen, we believe she has the potential to be one of those whose name is imprinted in history in golden letters. She has already carved a niche for herself, but she has a long way to go. She’s the hope of mother India. She’s an inspiration for young girls. Her words and her actions influence those who follow her. She is perfectly using her title not only for her own career and goals, but for inspiring others as well. She’s already taken the first step by setting up an NGO called ASTRA Foundation. Her efforts to serve her motherland and her people are truly commendable. We hope to see her bringing much more pride to the country.
Before she passes on her crown to the next Miss Supranational on 5th December 2015, it is a perfect time to pay our tributes to our dearest Asha. So here is a small poem dedicated for her.
Asha Bhat was crowned Miss Supranational 2014
I am a dream…
Plunging into the depths of marvellous seas
A mermaid, in motion! Giggling about at the heavenly peace,
Or is it the awestruck life around?
Making peace and merry abound
I exhilarate….as I pass….
I am a dream…
Traversing the mountains, hills and the forests wild,
A unicorn, sparking hope! Relishing the nature’s lap like an innocent child,
Pure n pious Like a saint
Gleaming brilliantly golden, as I paint
My shows on the forest walls..
I glow as the light pervades…
I am a dream…
Dancing to the tunes of celebrating winds
A firefly, emanating passion! Glittering and twittering to the hues of my mind
I sparkle and shine, as my dreams unfold,
My dance speaks of many storied untold
I flutter as I transform…
I am a dream..
Soaring high in the skies making beautiful sounds
A robin bird, oozing life.. I sprinkle happiness,
and bring good luck Infusing the magic of spring into the ‘autumn struck’
I rejoice, as the dreams phosphoresce…
Warmth trickles down the cheeks,
As senses bring me back to life, I realise that this life is not just for my own,
But to serve for the nation’s pride..
I thank God for being so gentle and kind
For all his gifts, and blessings entwined
I pledge to be of service, to mankind
To serve the destitute, the unprivileged, and the blind
My eyes envision a future bright
Where happiness pervades, and life’s a delight…………
Picture Credits: Asha’s Facebook Page.