Flora Coquerel – Can she be the next Miss Universe?

Flora Coquerel

Flora Coquerel has been appointed as Miss Universe France 2015.  She will represent the country at Miss Universe 2015 on 20th December 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  She is Beninese-French.  She was born in 1994.

A stroke of luck: Flora Coquerel won the title of Miss France 2014 in the year 2014 and her reign is long over.  She crowned Camille Cerf as her successor, who finished as a Top 15 semi-finalist in Miss Universe 2014 and will be crowning her successor in December this year.  However, it is circumstances that have lead to her acquiring this beautiful opportunity.  Since Camille has represented France in Miss Universe 2014 and Miss France 2016 will take place in December 2015.  Hence her 1st Runner-up Hinarere Taputu will represent France at Miss World 2015 on 19th December 2015.  So the question was, who will be Miss France at Miss Universe 2015 which is to be held on 20th December 2015?  Some said she could be Charlotte Pirroni who finished third in Miss France 2015.  There was a buzz that Marine Lorphelin (Miss France 2013) or Flora Coquerel (Miss France 2014) are also being considered.  Finally the announcement was made that Flora is going to Miss Universe!  She should be on cloud nine.

Achievements in Miss World 2014: Flora Coquerel cannot be taken lightly.  She was Top 20 finalist at Miss World Top Model last year.  However, there is one feat she achieved which makes her a big standout.  She finished 1st out of 120+ delegates in the interview round.  This is nothing less than amazing as an achievement!  It is really strange and unfortunate that she was kept out of the Top 25 of Miss World 2014.

Flora Coquerel – Detailed Contestant Review

Flora Coquerel

Expectations in the Evening Gown Competition – Flora is beautiful.  She is not stunning.  She is not very striking.  But she looks good.  If you go by very strict standards, she looks quite decent for an international pageant like Miss Universe.  If you go just by face value, no – she may not be in the Top 15.  But Flora makes it up with other strengths.  She has good stage presence and an impressive walk.  That is what helped her crack the Top 20 in Miss World Top Model.  With a good gown, Flora can definitely manage to give one of the strong performances in Evening Gown competition.

Expectations in the Swimsuit Competition – She is tall and lean.  At 1.82 meter, she will be one of the taller girls in the batch.  With the good walk and impressive stage presence, she can be among the strong performers in swimsuit competition too.

Expectations in Interview Competition – Flora has got this one down.  She finished above Rolene Strauss, Wendy Kuanyin and Edina Kulcsar in the interview round of Miss World.  That in itself is a huge achievement.  She will nail the preliminary interview round.  If she makes it to the Top 5 in the finals, expect her to shine like a star and win it all!

Flora Coquerel

Conclusion: Many people believe that IMG/WME (new owner of Miss Universe) may look for modelesque winners and this may prove to be a point in favour of Flora Coquerel.  All in all, at this point of time we would certainly consider Flora as one of the strong delegates.  She has good chances of making the Top 15 cut.  If she is in Top 15, chances are that she will be present in Top 10 too because of her lean body and good walk.  Her performance in the evening gown round can be deal breaker then.  If she makes it to the Top 5, she will be in Top 2 for sure.  Long story short, we would consider putting her in our Top 10 for now!

Image Credits: Flora Coquerel Facebook