Miss Diva 2015 Episode 1 Review

Miss Diva 2015 Episode 1

So finally Miss Diva 2015 reality TV show started on Romedy Now with Miss Diva 2015 Episode 1.  It will air for 7 for half an hour each, with repeats on Zoom.  The first episode was focused on introducing the girls.

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Miss Diva 2015 Episode 1 Summary: A short portion about auditions was shown.  However, there was no information about how Urvashi and Aarushi entered the show as wild-cards.  The girls met Asha Bhat, who would be their mentor and company for 2 weeks.  Then the classy beauty Lara Dutta, Miss Universe 2000, met them and gave them “Diva” rings.  The girls will be returning the rings as they are getting eliminated. Then the girls had a make-over session.  There was detailed focus on make-over of some girls like Ankita Thite, Apoorva Sharma and Urvashi Rautela along with introductions to all the girls.  The first elimination will be in second episode.  It is perhaps an evening gown round.  It was shown in pre-cap that Simran Khandelwal was not able to find her evening gown while the remaining girls were already on ramp.

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Here are notes on some contestants based on Miss Diva 2015 Episode 1:

  • Urvashi Rautela: Urvashi looks stunning and clearly a standout in the batch.  She is amazingly beautiful and good part is that she stays a part of the group of contestants.  Her presence is sweet and likable.  Lara suggested her during makeover session that her hair at times makes her look a little older than she is and she took it very sweetly and positively.  Even few other girls said that she looks perfect.  As of now, Urvashi is an easy top choice for Miss Diva title.  She did not get any special focus in the show in spite of her stardom.  She was just another girl in the batch.
  • Hida Siddiqui: Hida looks more confident and is opening up a lot more than she did last time.
  • Natasha Assadi: Natasha speaks with a british accent, being from London. I wish she could lighten up and show a more fun side of her on the show.  But this is just a first impression.  May be she will be more fun to watch in coming episodes!
  • Aishwarya Dhavale: Aishwarya has a stunningly beautiful face.  She really needs to come back in an year or two after shaping up.
  • Apoorva Sharma: Apoorva was asked to trim her hair, to which agreed only after coaxing by Lara.
  • Nancy Gupta: Nancy speaks very well.  She may actually be the best communicator in the batch.
  • Rashi Yadav: Rashi got feedback from Lara that may be the space between her eye-brows needs to be changed!

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Based on all that is known about contestants and impressions from first episode, the author’s top 3 contestants at the moment are Urvashi, Hida Siddiqui and Hemali Soni.

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