Miss Diva 2015 Final Hot-Picks

Urvashi Rautela is hot favorite for the crown of Miss Diva 2015
Miss Diva 2015 Hotpicks

Finally today the Miss Diva 2015 pageant will come to an end and we will know the name of the lady who will be INDIA at Miss Universe 2015.  As per unconfirmed reports, Miss Universe 2015 will be held on 20th December, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada in the United States of America.  The new Miss Universe India 2015 (officially crowned as Miss Diva 2015) will have just about 1.5 months to prepare before her departure for the Miss Universe pageant.  In all, 16 beauties participated and there were eliminations from the finalists based on tasks that were given to the finalists in reality show Miss Diva 2015.  Here are the predictions by TGPC experts for Miss Diva 2015.

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Miss Diva 2015 – Top 7 Finalists

Simran Khandelwal comes back to Miss Diva 2015 with a lot of improvement.  She has a good walk and overall is quite a fine choice for Top 7.  Aileena Amon again comes with some good pageantry experience.  Natasha Assadi is a raw gem which needs a lot of grooming and polishing.  We think she can be a star Miss India in 2-3 years after strong grooming.  Aishwarya Dhavale has a stunning face.  In fact, some believe she looks better facially than Urvashi at times.  She needs a strong fitness make-over and come back with a lean-mean structure to shake the Indian pageant world.

Miss Diva 2015 – 2nd Runner-up Hida Siddiqui

Miss Diva 2015 Final Hotpicks

Hida is tall, lean and has a lot of experience on the ramp.  She has been a popular photo-shoot model.  In terms of physical beauty and performance on the stage, she is quite suitable for major international pageants.  If she gets a chance to be a part of Miss Universe,  she can do very well in the presentation show and may place in the Top 15 / Top 10 too!

Miss Diva 2015 – 1st Runner-up Hemali Soni

Miss Diva 2015 Final Hotpicks

Hemali is the find of Miss Diva 2015.  If there is one fresh face that clearly stood out in the pageant, it has to be Hemali’s.  Although petite, Hemali is quite polished and seems very well-groomed already.  Her smile, her presence and her energy – everything is pretty much in the right place.  She can do well in Miss World or Miss Universe; she has the confidence, the walk and the presence to pull it off!

Miss Diva 2015 – Urvashi Rautela

Miss Diva 2015 Final Hotpicks

Urvashi created a buzz among the pageant fans with her entry in the pageant.  So far it seems she has competed just like other girls.  She has shown genuine mettle and performance in the pageant to be considered as the front-runner.  Her stunning beautiful face and beauty clearly make her a stand-out in the reality show.  The second episode proves how good her ramp-skills are.  The clip of swimsuit contest shows how good she perform in bikini.  She has the star quality that is needed in international beauty queens.  Urvashi Rautela has what it takes to make the Top 5 cut at Miss Universe 2015.  Hence she is a very clear and obvious choice for Miss Diva 2015 title.  She was 1st choice in our first hot-picks too!

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Let us see how things unravel in today’s finals!

Credits: Miss Diva Facebook