Miss Diva 2015 Swimsuit Pictures: Top 7 Picks

Review of Miss Diva 2015 Swimsuit Pictures

Miss Diva 2015 Swimsuit Pictures

Miss Diva 2015 is going on the peak of its season where the girls have gone through multiple video shoots and photo shoots. All the contestants have now geared up to save themselves from the elimination rounds. Miss Diva 2015 Swimsuit Pictures have recently been released by Miss Diva organisation. Most of the Contestants of Miss Diva looked better here and few of the dark horses surprised us so well that we are now considering them for our next Hotpicks. Meanwhile our experts’ have picked 7 girls who just nailed this Miss Diva 2015 Swimsuit Pictures. Let’s have a look at the picks.

Top 7 of Miss Diva 2015 Swimsuit Pictures

7th Spot: Hemali Soni

Miss Diva 2015 Swimsuit Pictures
Hemali Soni

Hemali Soni was a campus princess winner. In her favour, Campus Princess generally does well in the pageant and she is no exception. Her exotic features are just a stand out in the group. We won’t be shocked if we see this girl making it to the Top 3 in the finale. Her body also looks in well toned form in this shot.

6th Spot: Ankit Thite

Miss Diva 2015 Swimsuit Pictures
Ankita Thite

Ankit Thite surprised me the most in this Swimsuit picture. I loved the way her hair has been designed. There is an innocence in the picture which can easily charm the judges and the colour of that bikini just jumps out of her body.

5th Spot: Naveli Deshmukh

Miss Diva 2015 Swimsuit Pictures
Naveli Deshmukh

Naveli Deshmukh is all over the place in this photo shoot. Majorly because of her dense hair, she stands out in this shoot. She is a Top 10 placer of Femina Miss India 2014, so expect her confidence to be soaring high in the contest. I also love her presence in most of the shots.

4th Spot: Pooja Bisht

Miss Diva 2015 Swimsuit Pictures
Pooja Bisht

Pooja Bisht is the biggest surprise for me till now. I never noticed her till the time I saw this pic. The way she has chosen the bikini colour and the was she has posed, it reminds me of a Loreal model doing a hair ad. She was previously a contestant of Splitsvilla so I don’t think she will have any problem with camera angles. Her body does need a bit of toning in certain area otherwise she looks great here.

3rd Spot: Natasha Assadi

Miss Diva 2015 Swimsuit Pictures
Natasha Assadi

Natasha is one of my favourites of this contest. She has perfectly toned body with a mannerism of a Top Model. I wouldn’t mind her winning the title of Best body as she is one of the best out there. This orange colour bikini goes so well with her skin tone and the golden jewellery looks great in her.

2nd Spot: Urvashi Rautela

Miss Diva 2015 Swimsuit Pictures
Urvashi Rautela

That sexy stare from the girl who is battling here to save the crown which she won in 2012 itself. Urvashi Rautela is a major front-runner of this pageant at the moment. This swimsuit shot reminded me of Simran Kaur Mundi who was a major front-runner at Miss Universe 2008. Here also, I loved how the hair is done to make this shot look mysterious.She does need to tone her body a bit though.

1st Spot: Rashi Yadav

Miss Diva 2015 Swimsuit Pictures
Rashi Yadav

I underestimated Rashi Yadav a lot till now. But look at her, oh my my.!! Her perfectly toned body combined with her exotic pose and well structured face makes this shot look deadly. I loved the way she has excelled in this pic. She was previously a Top 10 placer in Indian Princess 2015 and in my opinion, she will now be a front-runner at Miss Diva 2015 finale as well.

Honourable Mentions: Simran Khandelwal, Apoorva Sharma


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Bikini – Nidhi Munim INDIA
Slave Bracelets – Rejuvenate Jewels by Sushma
Cuff – Accessory Quotient
Rings – Pipa + Bella

Pics: Miss Diva Facebook Page