Miss Grand International 2015 Predictions: Hot-Picks # 1 [Exclusive]

Miss Grand International 2015 Predictions

Miss Grand International 2015 Predictions: The Third edition of Miss Grand International is about to start in Bangkok. The contestants are arriving in Bangkok for one of the most exciting new pageant. Miss Grand International 2015 will take place on 25th October  at the Indoor Stadium Huamark in Bangkok,Thailand. This year’s pageant will see many pageant veterans from across the globe competing for the crown. The Miss Grand International in it’s three years of existence  has made a mark for itself under the leadership of Nawat Itsaragrisil have achieved great success. 90 plus countries are expected to join the pageant which will streamed live across the globe. Quality of the contestants is amazing which makes this edition one of the most anticipated pageant of year. Here are our top 10 favorites, our Miss Grand International 2015 Predictions – the first hot-picks. We think one of these ladies might succeed  Daryanne Lees Garcia of Cuba as the next Miss Grand International.

Miss Grand International 2015 Predictions: Hot-Picks # 1


Miss Grand International 2015 Pre Arrival Hotpicks
Miss Grand International 2015 Predictions – The TGPC Pre-Arrival Hot-Picks


#10: Brazil – Paula Gomes: This 23 year old beauty is the underdog of the pageant; she has the face and body to make it all the way to the top 5.  She can be hit or a miss sometimes, but she has always been a hit for us. It was impossible to keep her out from Miss Grand International 2015 Predictions.

#9:Poland – Katarzyna Krzeszowska: She has represented Poland at Miss World 2013 and Miss Supranational 2014 where she was crowned as 4th runner up.  Her pageant experience alongside her beauty will help her reach far in the contest.  She was 5th runner-up in our “Best European Beauty of 2014” list!

#8:Ethiopia – Bethelhem Belay: Ethiopia bagged the first runner up crown last year.  This year’s representative can easily surpass that placement if she performs well; clearly she is the best from her continent at this pageant, so expectations will be high from her!

#7: Puerto Rico – Isamar Campos: This 18 year old beauty is surely making her presence felt in the pageant world.  She has the sweet and sexy latina vibe which the Miss Grand International Organization likes.  Second crown for Puerto Rico?

#6: Thailand – Rattikorn Kunsom: The host girl will give a tough contest to the other competitors; she looks like an oriental doll!  Like other Miss Thailand winners, her styling will be impeccable.  We don’t see her winning but she will be in the top 10-Top 5 placement!

#5: Philippines – Parul Shah: This girl is so exotic, she got the best of both worlds!  This Indo-Pinoy beauty will surely stand out because of the unique features and carmel skin tone.  She is cat-walk diva and has phenomenal stage presence.  Parul Shah is the girl to watch out for at Miss Grand International 2015.

#4:Netherlands – Shauny Bult: She was ignored at Miss Earth and she was ignored at Miss International.  She has worked hard upon her flaws and it shows.  She is the European front runner, who can make it big on the finale night.

#3: India – Vartika Singh: She is the face of the pageant; no contestant has got so much footage.  She has improved a lot and is still showing signs of improvement; her hard work and dedication has transformed her into a stunner.  She can easily become crowd and contestants’ favorite with her charming and alluring personality.

#2: Australia – Claire Parker: She is our sentimental favorite.  Australia hasn’t been out of top 5 since the inception of the pageant and we don’t see Australia going out of Top 5 this year either.  Clarie has everything to bag the first Miss Grand International crown for her country.

#1:Dominican Republic – Anea Garcia: If you ask us, she is the perfect choice for the crown.  Being a lawyer, she is quintessential ambassador for peace and she can easily spread the message of stopping the war.  Her performance at Miss USA 2015 is testimony to what this girl can achieve.  Currently she is the one to beat and it will be a tough task defeating her!  Hence she is the topper of our current Miss Grand International 2015 Predictions.

Photo Credit: Miss Grand International Facebook Page