Lisa Marie White is Miss Universe Singapore 2015 [Report]

Miss Universe Singapore 2015: Lisa Marie White

Lisa Marie White, Miss Universe Singapore 2015

Lisa Marie White, a beauty of Mixed Caucasian/Singaporean ethnicity, has been chosen as Miss Universe Singapore 2015 in a casting that took place on September 19 in Amber Lounge in Singapore.  The judges were Miss Universe Singapore 2014 Rathi Menon, former Miss Universe Japan National Director and Fashionista Ines Lingron and Miss Universe Singapore 2002 Nuraliza Osman.  Nuraliza is the new National Director for Miss Universe Singapore.  Lisa Marie White will now compete at Miss Universe 2015 in coming few months.

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Lisa Marie White will be at benefit as the new Miss Universe Singapore because of Ines Ligron.  Ines Ligron has been gaining a lot of attention from the world of pageantry in recent years.  It started in mid 2000s when Miss Universe Japan girls did very well under her guidance in Miss Universe.  Riyo Mori won the Miss Universe crown in 2006 and a lot of credit for that went to Ines.  Last year Ines coached Miss Universe Singapore 2014 Rathi Menon for Miss Universe 2014.  Rathi could not place, but her performance at Miss Universe was appreciated by many.  Most importantly, she got a lot of attention during the pageant, may it be good or bad. Ines Ligron is quite active on social media and for sure, she will be writing a lot on Lisa Marie White making her popular even before Miss Universe starts.  From first impressions, Lisa Marie White looks better than Rathi Menon and hence perhaps has a better shot at placement in Miss Universe than Rathi.

Lisa Marie White, Miss Universe Singapore 2015

Lisa Marie White will be perhaps 60th Miss Singapore at Miss Universe!  Marjorie Wee was the first Miss Universe Singapore to compete in Miss Universe.  It was year 1954.  However, in all these years, singapore has placed just twice!  The first placement was achieved by Kathie Lee Lee Beng in Miss Universe 1983.  The second placement was achieved by Marion Nicole Teo in Miss Universe 1987.  Let us see if Lisa Marie White can crack the Top 15 at Miss Universe 2015!

Image Credits: Critical Beauty, The Crown