Sydney Halper is Miss Idaho USA 2016 [Full Result]

Sydney Halper & Kate Pekuri

Miss Idaho USA Sydney Halper, Miss Idaho Teen USA Kate Pekuri

Sydney Halper has been chosen as Miss Idaho USA 2016.  She will represent Idaho at Miss USA 2016.  On the same day, Kate Pekuri has been chosen as Miss Idaho Teen USA 2016.  She will be representing Idaho at Miss Teen USA 2016.

Sydney Halper’s court includes 1st runner-up Ashley DeBoer, 2nd runner-up Cassie Lewis, 3rd runner-up Ashley Southern and 4th runner-up Miso Jang.  Danika Jensen, Allie Mulanix, Charlene Muraski and Audrey Denison completed the Top 10.  On the other hand, Kate Pekuri’s court includes 1st runner-up Hailey Kelso, 2nd runner-up Amanda Kelly, 3rd runner-up Gabrielle Simpson and 4th runner-up Natalie Campbell.  Kaily Ode, Kylie Costa, Sheva Mozafari, Lizzi Zieba and Chelsea Hilde complete the Top 10.

Sydney Halper has the shot at being the second Miss USA from Idaho.  The first Miss Idaho USA to become Miss USA was Brandi Sherwood who was crowned as Miss USA when Brook Mahealani Lee was chosen as Miss Universe 1997.  No Miss Idaho USA has won the title of Miss USA during the finals till now.  Apart from Brandi, Idaho has placed only thrice in Miss USA which is a very weak record.  Miss Idaho USA 1967 Sandra Baldwin won Miss Congeniality in Miss USA 1967.  Brandi Sherwood is also the only Idaho beauty to win Miss Teen USA.  She achieved that in the year 1989.  Next and only placement of Idaho in Miss Teen USA was in the year 2008 when Shareece Pfeiffer was the 4th runner-up.  Miss Idaho Teen USA winners Hosanna Kabakoro and Shari Lynn Short won Miss Congeniality titles in their respective Miss Teen USA editions, i.e. 2010 and 2000 respectively.  Idaho has never won Miss Photogenic title in Miss USA or Miss Teen USA!

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Can Sydney Halper place at Miss USA 2016?  Can Kate Pekuri win the Miss Teen USA title in 2016?  Time will only tell.

Image Credits: Pageant Update