Miss United Continents 2015 Swimsuit: Top 10 Picks

Miss United Continents 2015 Swimsuit pics have been released. The major disappointing factor here was that most of the girls were not in defined body form. Recently we picked Top 10 for Headshots of contestants and the picks in the review carried by our experts. Similarly, our experts also review all the girls in their swimsuit and picked their Top 10. Have a look who made it to the Top 10 list.

Top 10 of Miss United Continents 2015 Swimsuit Shoot


Miss United Continents 2015 Swimsuit
ARGENTINA – Giuliana Chiappa

Argentina has got Va Va Voom body..!! With a perfect pageant face, she also possesses perfect pageant body, look at those sexy curves. I love it when countries which don’t sash factors sends such stunner. I am sure she will place in Top 10 and go further with that face.


Miss United Continents 2015 Swimsuit
BRAZIL – Nathalia Lago

Brazil is bit bottom heavy but her face reduced that impact on her overall body. She can try channelling Voluptuous body frame through her walk. She can easily cross the swimsuit round with such body, not great but decent.

Costa Rica

Miss United Continents 2015 Swimsuit
COSTA RICA – Carolina On

What a slender frame to kill..!!! Costa Rica doesn’t have that face to stand out but her body does..!!! Although I don’t see her placing in finale but she excelled in Swimsuit shot. She definitely knows her angle that made this shot look great.


Miss United Continents 2015 Swimsuit
DENMARK – Monica Hartig

Denmark has beautiful face and perfectly toned body but the overall shot looked bit dull. May be because she just gave plain expression. However, I still believe that this stunner can’t be ignored in the finale for sure.


Miss United Continents 2015 Swimsuit
INDIA – Sushrii Shreya

Red lipstick + White swimsuit= Bomb..!! India looks extremely sensational and classy at the same time. I have loved this girl so far in the competition. She doesn’t have those killer curves but has decent enough body that can let her cross the swimsuit segment, if any. Her walk is also extremely well polished.


Miss United Continents 2015 Swimsuit
NICARAGUA – Ruth Martínez

That sultry expression from Nicaragua is enough to set the fire on the stage in swimsuit round..!! Extremely well toned body with properly placed muscles is all Nicaragua. She is one of the hottest delegates out there.


Miss United Continents 2015 Swimsuit
PANAMA – María Alejandra Tejada1

Panama has sweet looking demure face with girl next door type body. Not too great but overall decent photoshoot. I am not expecting much out of this girl but she may just place in Top 10.


Miss United Continents 2015 Swimsuit
PARAGUAY – Myriam Arévalos

If this competition is of body alone, Paraguay wins this hands down..!! That curvaceous bend is enough to kill me 😉 She has this voluptuous body frame that can hardly go wrong in the pageant. I expect her to do well in the pageant.


Miss United Continents 2015 Swimsuit
PHILIPPINES – Anabel Christine Gonzales

What a beautiful swimsuit and a royal colour she has chosen for this photo shoot. She stands out like no one else. To me she is one of the most beautiful Philippines’s representatives I have ever seen, Her body is good enough to place her in Top 5 of the competition.


Miss United Continents 2015 Swimsuit
USA – Laura Reyes

USA’s body is bringing the hotness in right amount that can turn you on at any moment you wish. She must have worked hard on her body. One thing I liked about her body is that she has broader shoulders and narrow lower portion. I find this very good body frame which can stand out in motion.

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Pics Courtesy: Miss United Continents Website