Miss United Continents 2015 Headshots: Top 10 Picks

Miss United Continents 2015 Headshots of all the contestants have been released. Few of them impressed our team a lot and few front-runners failed to impress us. After going through all the pics almost 3 times, out team managed to come up with their Top 10 pics. Remember there is no particular order, they are in alphabetical order. However, our team believes that the winner might just come from this 10 girls. Let us have a look at the Top 10 head-shots picked by our team.

Top 10 of Miss United Continents 2015 Headshots


Miss United Continents 2015 Headshots
ARGENTINA – Giuliana Chiappa

Argentina has got the most beautiful set of eyes in the contest. Her radiant smile and her mesmerizing eyes make a deadly combo that can kill any person who looks at her face. Her beauty was undeniable for me to keep her out of my Top 10.


Miss United Continents 2015 Headshots
BOLIVIA – Andrea Velasco

Bolivia has sweet and demure aura that portray the innocence in her beauty. I love such beauty because they turns out to be more genuine compared to galamazon dolls.She is a kind of beauty that can also do well at pageant like Miss World. She may not place in Top 10 of finale but to me her beauty just stands out in Headshots


Miss United Continents 2015 Headshots
BRAZIL – Nathalia Lago

Brazil seems to be everyone’s favourite out there in online pageant portals. And I must say that she confirms her favouritism through this headshot photo shoot. Her beauty alone doesn’t stand out but overall she makes a huge impact which is very important at any pageant. She is in Top 3 of my picks for the crown.


Miss United Continents 2015 Headshots
DENMARK – Monica Hartig

Denmark is a best blonde of the competition. The symmetry in her peace brings harmony while we look at it. She will definitely be in Top 10 of finale, her beauty itself is enough for that. Although, she is not my pick for the crown but I won’t be shocked to see her win.

Dominican Republic

Miss United Continents 2015 Headshots
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC – Kimberly Castillo

She was in great form when she competed in Miss Universe 2014. However, she seems to have disappointed the fans due to her nose surgery which they think has gone wrong. In our opinion, we this she still managed to nail this headshot. Her smile is just lightening up the atmosphere of the pic.


Miss United Continents 2015 Headshots
HONDURAS – Celia Monterrosa

Honduras has a mysterious face which reminds me of Egyptian queen. She looks lovely in the head shot. Although not my pick for Top 10 in finale, but she may just surprise us by placing.


Miss United Continents 2015 Headshots
INDIA – Sushrii Shreya

India worked it out like a pro. The photo shoot shows that she carries hell lot of experience with her. She just stands out from any bunch she is standing in. She also seems to be a huge favourite for the crown and she is also one of my Top 3 picks for the crown. I actually loved the hair of India.


Miss United Continents 2015 Headshots
PARAGUAY – Myriam Arévalos

This voluptuous girl deserves to compete in Miss Universe contest from Paraguay. She is like all over the place in this photo shoot, which I loved by the way. She gives me latin vibe so strongly that I can’t see her out of Top 5 in finale. She is at my 4th place in the pick for crown but I don’t mind seeing her win.


Miss United Continents 2015 Headshots
PHILIPPINES – Anabel Christine Gonzales

Philippines is one of the most appealing beauties of the contest. I love her positive outlook and she just stands out in group pictures due to her outstanding beauty. She is perfect choice for the crown, if Miss United Continent is looking for bigger brand ambassador country. She is also one of my Top 3 picks.


Miss United Continents 2015 Headshots
VENEZUELA – Nitia Nandy

Venezuela is a bit of a downgrade from last year’s representative who placed as 1st runner-up but she is decent enough to place in Top 10 of the finale. She looks above average in the headshot as well. I wish she could have given a bit more variety. However, She is better than rest of the girls in headshot round.

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Pic Courtesy: Miss United Continents Website