Santhawan Boonratana is Miss Grand Malaysia 2015

Santhawan Boonratana is Miss Grand Malaysia 2015b

Santhawan Boonratana has been hand-picked as Miss Grand Malaysia 2015. She will now represent Malaysia at Miss Grand International 2015 in October 2015 in Thailand.Santhawan is 26 years old and is a mix of Thai and Indian parents. Earlier, she competed at Miss World Malaysia 2015 which was won by Brynn Lovett. She managed to win the title of Miss Elegance at the mentioned pageant. She is also a very talented singer and has featured in a video album named ‘Sejak kau Ada’. She looks very pretty in motion. Have a look at her video:


Miss Grand International 2015 beauty pageant has been over loaded with stunner this year with contenders like Shauny Bult from Nethernalds, Vartika Singh from India, Amy Willerton from Great Britain, Parul Shah from Philippines, Anea Garcia from Dominican Republic, Rojas from Venezuela and to name a few. Looking at the pool of the contestants, we can bet that Miss Grand International has to have the best set of contestants along with Miss World. We would not be surprised to see the winner of Miss Grand International 2015 winning the overall Grand slam contest of online pageant portals.

Santhawan Boonratana is Miss Grand Malaysia 2015b

Miss Grand International 2015 is in its 3rd edition now. Malaysia has not find any success in placing in last two-year. This year they have put their bet on Santhawan Boonratana. Do you think she has what it takes to be the next Miss Grand International 2015? Do you think she could find a placement for Malaysia in the finale of Miss Grand International? The reigning queen is Lees Garcia. She will crown the new winner at the conclusion of the event in Thailand.

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