Miss Universe New Zealand 2015 Contestants [Photos]

Miss Universe New Zealand 2015 Contestants
Some of the Auckland Finalists

Miss Universe New Zealand 2015 Contestants have been declared by Miss Universe New Zealand Organization on 6th August 2015.  The total number of contestants is 20.  In early September 2015, the top 20 contestants will be going to Philippines for Finalists’ Retreat.  Contestants will bear a part of the expense of the trip. The Miss Universe New Zealand 2015 Contestants will have a challenging road ahead because 50 % of the results will be determined by public voting which is already open.  This voting will be paid – each vote costs 1 $!  The remaining 50 % will be determined by judging panel consisting of industry experts.  The pageant duration prior to the grand finals will be of 7 days.The grand final of the pageant will take place in Auckland in October or November 2015.  The whole pageant is funded through corporate sponsorship.  The winner of the pageant will go to the Miss Universe 2015 pageant.  She will be crowned by Rachel Millns (featured image), the reigning Miss Universe New Zealand.

Miss Universe New Zealand 2015 Contestants can take a breath of pride in being a part of this prestigious event.  New Zealand is being represented since 1954 in Miss Universe pageant.  Leslie Margaret Nichols of Wellington brought the first placement to the country in Miss Universe 1962.  Delyse Nottle of Auckland was the 2nd Runner-up in Miss Universe 1980.  Donella Thomsen of Auckland finished in the Top 10 of Miss Universe 1981.  History was created by Lorraine Downes of Auckland who won the Miss Universe 1983 title.  She also won ‘Dancing With The Stars’ NZ version, season 2.  Lisa Maree de Montalk gave New Zealand the last placement (Top 10) in Miss Universe 1992, which was won by Michelle McLean of Namibia.  It has been 23 years since New Zealand has placed in Miss Universe pageant!

Although New Zealand has not won a Miss World crown, it has a better record there.  The best placements of New Zealand in Miss World were given by Lauralee Martinovich (1st Runner-up to Miss India Diana Hayden in Miss World 1997) and Elaine Miscall (1st Runner-up to Miss Jamaica Carole Crawford in Miss World 1963).

Miss Universe New Zealand 2015 Contestants

Which of the Miss Universe New Zealand 2015 Contestants can bring a placement to the country in the upcoming Miss Universe pageant?

Image Credits: Miss Universe New Zealand Official Site