Can Ariadna Gutierrez win Miss Universe 2015? [Detailed Analysis]

Ariadna Gutierrez

If there is one country that will be watched out very closely this year at Miss Universe 2015, it would be Colombia. Because the current reigning Miss Universe Paulina Vega is also from Colombia and pageant followers are in a dilemma whether we can see a back to back happening again after a back to back  by Venezuela in 2008-2009. Ariadna Gutierrez will be representing Colombia at Miss Universe this year. Looking at her potential, I am in a favour where I would love to see a back to back happening, although I don’t easily get convinced for the idea of having a back to back as I wish to see new countries coming up. However, I just love this girl and want to see her go high. Let’s have a sectional analysis of Ariadna and try concluding as to where she may stand in Miss Universe 2015 contest.

Sectional Analysis of Ariadna Gutierrez for Miss Universe 2015

Ariadna Gutierrez

#1-Beauty: Ariadna Gutierrez has a beauty that will stand out instantly in the crowd. If I compare all the contestants of Miss Universe this year, when most contestants are still blooming out of their girly look, Ariadna looks matured classy lady like beauty which I appreciate a lot. Her face emits this ‘Experience’ kind of radiation that can never be ignored if the organisation is looking for a well polished ambassador. On beauty level, I see her at par with Paulina Vega. She also has good experience into Modelling so that would be an added advantage.

#2-Body: If I compare the body of Paulina Vega and Ariadna Gutierrez, Paulina will stand miles ahead. However, I would not underestimate Ariadna for this fact because she is competing in a year where most of the girls lack proper definition of body frame that was set up by Paulina last year. I can see only one girl who can match the level of Paulina as of now and that is Catalina Morales. If Ariadna works out a bit well then I don’t see a reason of her not crossing the Top 15 once she is called in during the finale.

#3-Personality: Ariadna has this positive outlook that will definitely be noted down. She isn’t much outgoing or fun type of personality in my opinion but if Mis Universe is looking for more into classy personality beauty then here you go  Ariadna..!!

Ariadna Gutierrez#4-Styling: In recent years, Colombia has started sending their delegates extremely well prepared. Not that previously they didn’t send polished delegates but the intensity in recent years is much more. I generally like the evening gowns of Venezuela, Puerto Rico, USA and Colombia. They hardly send girls with gown that may ruin their chances. However, as Ariadna is from modelling background, I hope she doesn’t select something that is good for ramp but not for pageants.

#5-Politics: Unfortunately, Colombia is not a favourite baby of Miss Universe I feel. Hence they will have to make it on their own. But what major obstruction Ariadna Gutierrez has this year is that the reigning queen is from her own country. This may not allow her to place in Top 5, once she is in Top 15, to stop her from grabbing the crown. But in the end, it’s just a theory that may completely fail. But I would not count this point in the favour of Colombia this year.

Conclusion: At present, I see her placing in Top 15 at least and see the potential to place in Top 10. I have my doubts of her going into the Top 5. I shall wait to see her performing during the pageant season and then I shall give my final conclusion in our Hotpicks. But, as of now Top 10 is where I see her.

Courtesy: Senorita Colombia Website