Angelia Ong: Can she win Miss Earth 2015?

Angelia Ong is Miss Philippines Earth 2015.  She will be representing the Philippines at Miss Earth 2015 in Vienna, Austria on 5th December, 2015.  Angelia Ong is 25 in age.  She is 1.72 m tall.  She has brown eyes and black hair.  She is from Manila, Philippines.  She had tried her at hand at Binibining Pilipinas 2011, but she was unplaced.  Let us have a look at sectional analysis for Angelia Ong, keeping in mind her candidature at Miss Earth 2015.

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Sectional Analysis of Angelia Ong for Miss Earth 2015

Angelia Ong

  • Beauty Angelia Ong is beautiful.  Her features are good and so is her smile.  She was good in the evening gown competition of Miss Philippines Earth 2015.  She presented herself very well.  It is obvious that she was quite well-groomed even then.  Expect her to be very well-prepared for the Miss Earth 2015 Evening Gown competition!
  • Body Angelia Ong has a great body!  She is slim and presented herself with a lot of energy during the swimsuit competition of Miss Philippines Earth 2015.  In fact, if this was Miss Universe, there is no doubt Angelia would have comfortably made the cut.  She would have scored around 9.  Hence Angelia will find it easy to score high in swimsuit round of Miss Earth 2015 too.
  • Personality Angelia Ong has a very good personality.  She is confident & smart.  In the final round of Miss Philippines Earth, her confidence on the stage was visible even in her movement towards the host.  When asked about opinion on same-sex marriages, she supported them.  She said that if a person feels he or she needs to be married to show his or her love, then be it!  Her delivery was confident and content was good.  This can be a winning answer at any international pageant!  Such easy on the stage will work very well for her at Miss Earth 2015. 
  • Politics Well, the sash of Philippines is very strong at Miss Earth, just like it is at Miss Universe.  Angelia Ong is a girl who can do well even if the sash factor is not accounted.  But, in this situation, it might just work against her.  The reason is that the reigning Miss Earth, i.e. Miss Earth 2014, is Miss Philippines Earth 2014 Jamie Herrell.  Miss Earth would not prefer a back-to-back win for Philippines, especially because Philippines is the country where the pageant originated.  Already there is a group of pageant fans which is actively criticising Miss Earth for being biased towards Miss Philippines & for being corrupt.  Hence, Miss Earth may try to save their reputation by avoiding the controversy that can arise by Angelia’s win. 

Conclusion Angelia Ong, with or without sash factor, is a very strong contestant.  She is beautiful, fit, smart and very much prepared.  Even if she was going to Miss Universe 2015, I would have said that she can place & make it to the Top 10 on her own merits.  I think there is really a very less chance of her being out of the Miss Earth Top 16.  In fact, I think she can even crack the Top 4 & win an elemental crown.  But I really doubt if she can win Miss Earth 2015.  Not because she doesn’t deserve, but just because the timing isn’t really the best!

Image & Video Credits: Twitter,, PowerhousePH Youtube Channel