Katherine Haik of Louisiana wins Miss Teen USA 2015 [Complete Result]

Katherine Haik of Louisiana named as Miss Teen USA 2015

Katherine Haik of Louisiana named as Miss Teen USA 2015
Kathrine Haik with Miss USA 2015 Olivia Jordan and Miss Universe 2014 Paulina Vega


In a magnificent finale held at Nasau, Bahamas, Katherine Haik from Louisiana was crowned as Miss Teen USA 2015 . She  stands 5′ 10″ tall and is just into her 15. She is the youngest Miss Teen USA winner till date. Katherine battled out 14 other contestants who made it to the Top 15 after competing in Swimsuit and Evening Gown at preliminary, along with personal interview. She was also a very hot favourite of our judges panel who kept her at 2nd position in our hotpicks. Katherine became an instant favourite to win the crown when she recited the names of all the Presidents of America in a song form. It was a cute thing to see and something very unique. The finale was hosted by former Miss USA Erin Brady and Nick Teplitz.

Katherine Haik was followed by Melanie Mitchell, California, as 1st runner-up and Jane Axhoj, North Carolina, as 2nd runner-up. Cora King of West Virginia was awarded as Miss Congeniality and Christina Stratton of Missouri was awarded Miss Photogenic.The biggest shock of the evening was the girl from Ohio failing to place in Top 15.

Katherine Haik of Louisiana named as Miss Teen USA 2015
K Lee Graham taking her final walk in stunning white gown

Katherine was crowned by the outgoing queen K Lee Graham who took her final walk at Miss Teen USA 2014 in a breathtakingly stunning white flowy gown. Reigning Miss USA, Olivia Jordan and Miss Universe, Paulina Vega were also present on stage to honour the new Miss Teen USA winner with sash and flower bouquet.  Katherine shall now spend her one year as Miss Teen USA 2015 with Miss Universe and Miss USA in New York.

Miss Teen USA 2015 Full Result

Katherine Haik of Louisiana named as Miss Teen USA 2015
Top 5 of Miss Teen USA 2015

Winner: Louisiana -Katherine Haik

1st Runner Up: California-Melanie Mitchell

2nd Runner Up: North Carolina-Jane Axhoj

3rd Runner Up: Tennessee-Hannah Faith Greene

4th Runner  Up: Massachusetts-Sophie Baird

Top 15 (In order of announcement)

North Carolina-Jane Axhoj
Arizona-Neda Danilovic
Texas-Chloe Kembel
Massachusetts-Sophie Baird
California-Melanie Mitchell
Pennsylvania Jasmine Daniels
Louisiana -Katherine Haik
Arkansas -Arynn Johnson
Missouri-Christina Stratton
New York-Geena Cardalena
Oklahoma-Cherokee Pearce
South Carolina-Wesley Mitchell
Tennessee-Hannah Faith Greene
Alabama-Taylor Ryan Elliott
Vermont -Alexandra Marek

Sub Awards:

Miss Congeniality: Cora King, West Virginia

Miss Photogenic: Christina Stratton, Missouri

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Credits: Miss USA Website