Miss Teen USA 2015 Predictions / Hotpicks !!

Miss Teen USA 2015 finals will be held in Bahamas in few hours.  The competition is very intense since many girls are very competitive this year.  This was clearly visible in the presentation show today.  In fact, it was hard to believe that the girls are “teens”, because of a lot of these girls looked quite ready for Miss USA pageant!  Having seen the Miss Teen USA pageant years ago too, I can say it confidently that the average age of the contestants seems to have increased in the recent years.  The girls are a lot more prepared.  Today in the presentation show, favorites like Miss California & Miss Kentucky did deliver, but there were some girls who came out of nowhere and performed like stars!  Our experts, after a deliberation of hours, have come up with a prediction list, or Hot-picks as we call it!

Do check out the photo-galleries of swimsuit & evening gown competitions of Miss Teen USA 2015 prelims.



Anyone of these five beauties can win Miss Teen USA 2015.  All five of them were very strong in the presentation show and even in the interview videos.  Miss Ohio Shelby Stapleton impressed one of our admins so much, he went on to say that she can kick Olivia Jordan’s butt anyday!  Miss Louisiana Katherine Haik is the baby of the batch.  She is just 15 and exhibits the “teen beauty” in every move!  Miss Pennsylvania Jasmine Daniels reminds us of “Miss Maryland USA 2015” because of the ease and confidence in her presence on the stage.  Miss Kentucky Caroline Ford is the most popular delegate among the fans.  Miss Texas Chloe Kembel gave perhaps the best evening gown presentation of the evening.

Miss Teen USA 2015 Top 10

Miss Teen USA 2015Miss Vermont Alexandra Marek surprised everyone with her strong performance in prelims!  Miss Tennessee Hannah Faith Greene is the tallest girl in the batch and rocked the swimsuit competition with her killer body. Miss Georgia Mary Kalkins joins Vermont in the “we are known only based on our performance” group.  Miss California Melanie Mitchell disappointed us a little, but we still won’t write her off.  Miss North Carolina Jane Axhoj is facially stunning!

Miss Teen USA 2015 Top 15


Miss Florida Jara Courson is one of the delegates who has been getting strong mixed reactions from the fans.  Miss Arizona Neda Danilovic did exceptionally well in the prelims.  Miss Oklahoma Charokee Pearce is one of the eldest girls in the pageant; she is 19!  Miss Alaska Katelyn Cusack wore a well-liked gown in the prelims.  Miss Arkansas Arynn Johnson was again a strong performer in prelims.

Within few hours, we will know who is Miss Teen USA 2015.  The competition is very tough and the show will be totally fun to watch!  Excited!

Image Credits: Miss Teen USA