Can Laura Spoya win Miss Universe 2015? [Detailed Analysis]

Laura Spoya Miss Peru 2015

Laura Spoya shall be representing Peru in Miss Universe 2015. She is 23 years old and has a degree in Journalism. Laura works as a sports journalist and is a part-time model/host. Laura seems to have created a lot of buzz in the pageant circuit. She is already touted as one of the major front-runners at the pageant. The reason being very simple, she is a pageant veteran. She won Miss Peru International 2010 and placed in Top 15 at Miss International 2010. She also competed at Miss World Banana Virreina 2010 and won the pageant. Hence, the expectations built up are very high. Let us have a sectional analysis on her and try to predict her probable placement at Miss Universe 2015.

Sectional analysis of Laura Spoya for Miss Universe 2015

Laura Spoya Miss Peru 2015


#1-Beauty: Laura Spoya has this beauty factor that screams ‘Sexiness redefined’. She is hot and can set stage on fire. I love her exotic features yet sweet aura with facial harmony. However, at a time she looks bit ordinary if not styled properly and lacks that freshness factor.  She some how reminds of late Monica Spear.

#2-Body: Laura is going to give a tough competition to Catalina Morales, one of the best bodies of the batch. She has perfectly toned flat mid core and a slender frame with a HOT tattoo (See for yourself). Only if she can bring the killer energy on the stage, she would be a force to reckon with on the stage for sure.

#3-Personality: I haven’t seen much of her to give an exact judgement on the personality, but I trust on her for this point because she already placed in Top 15 of Miss International 2010 and won Miss World Banabna Virreina 2010. However, from whatever I have could see, I can make one judgement that she is fun to watch and bubbly personality.

Laura Spoya Miss Peru 2015

#4-Styling: Peru is not a great styling expert when it comes to pageants. This worries me a lot for her wardrobe at pageant. But I feel Laura Spoya is a smart woman and since she has a good experience in pageants, she will pack her bag with wonders. I am also having a feeling that Peru is going to bet strong on this girl this time, so they may not take a chance in ensuring that she goes fully armed.

#5-Politics: Latin countries like Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua and El Salvador have dropped out from participating in Miss Universe this year due to Trump Controversy. This gives a good edge to other Latin countries which used to get overshadowed before. Peru would be one of those countries that may get benefited the most, especially when you have a girl like Laura Spoya Solano.

Conclusion: I believe that Laura could go all the way to Top 5 with her mentioned qualities and all this hype around her. However, I don’t know why but I have one weird feeling that she may turn out to be Deborah Priya Henry/ Paulina Krupinska/Simran Kaur Mundi etc of this series. All these girls were mega favourites to win the pageant but didn’t even place in the finale. let’s hope my gut feeling goes wrong because it won’t be fair losing this gem.