Priyanka Chopra on Anupam Kher Show: 10 Facts Revealed

Priyanka Chopra on Anupam Kher Show

priyanka chopra on anupam kher show
Priyanka chopra on Anupam Kher Show

Priyanka Chopra was the first celebrity in the second season of the popular “The Anupam Kher Show” on Colors TV,  where the veteran actor Anupam Kher interviews the celebrities and talks with them about their personal lives.  Some interesting things about Priyanka Chopra were revealed in the episode.

  • BEING STYLE DIVA IN TEEN: Priyanka Chopra said that she was also a style diva even when she lived in the small town of Bareily.  Her father didn’t allow her to wear tight jeans, so she would take shirts from his closet and wear them in a fashionable way.
  • ON HER FATHER: Priyanka talked a lot about her father.  She said he was a star personality.  He was always funny and charming.  Women loved him.  He was always proud of his daughter and celebrated her success with pride.  He would treat her as a friend and was her “support system”.  He passed away two years ago.
  • GETTING MISS INDIA ENTRY: Priyanka’s mother sent pictures from a wedding to Miss India.  Priyanka had no idea about this.  She got a call for audition, for which she went just to have fun.  But to her own surprise, she won the Miss India World title in Pune.  She had no practise of heels or modelling prior to the pageant.
  • INSECURITIES IN BOLLYWOOD: She says she felt in-secured due to lack of God-father in Bollywood and also due to her dusky looks – she had been bullied as a “Brownie” during her stay in the US.  She even lost few films in her initial time in Bollywood.  It was only after “Aitraaz” that she gained some confidence in her acting skills.
  • ON AKSHAY KUMAR: She says she learnt punctuality from Bollywood star Akshay Kumar.
priyanka chopra national award
Priyanka Chopra won National Award for her performance in “Fashion”. She received it from the then-president of India, Her Excellency Mrs. Pratibha Patil.
  • ON AWARDS: She won National Award for “Fashion”, but her good work in “Barfi” and “Mary Kom” was neglected.  She said she felt a little pain at time of “Barfi” but now she realises that her work is way above awards.
  • PARTNER EXPECTATIONS: She says her partner should be an achiever like her.  He should be charming and funny like her father.
  • VALUE OF HARD-WORK: She says she had no one to support her in Bollywood.  Whatever she has achieved in her career is a result of her hard-work.  She says people can accept or reject her, but no one can deny her.
  • WINNING MISS WORLD: A tradition in the show is that the host asks the guest to mention one moment which is inspiring to everyone.  Priyanka Chopra said that in her case it would be Miss World victory.  6 months prior to Miss World, she was in school and then just like that she went on to win Miss World, which totally changed her life!

Priyanka Chopra on Anupam Kher Show show came across as very eloquent, confident and poised.  She looked downright stunning.  She can win Miss World even today!