Miss Earth Gautemala 2015 is Sara Guerrero!

miss earth gautemala 2015
Sara Guerrero with Miss Earth Gautemala 2014 Thalia Raquel Carredano

Sara Veralucia Guerrero Chavarria of Verapaz has won the title of Miss Earth Gautemala 2015.  The pageant has also been known as Miss Tierra Guatemala.  The finals took place on 31st July 2015.  Thalia Raquel Carredano of San Marcos crowned the new queen, who will be representing Gautemala at Miss Earth 2015 pageant.  The prestigious pageant, working in the direction of better environment, will take place this year in Vienna, Austria.  It will be the first time the pageant will leave the soil of Asia.  Except 2010, the pageant has always happened in Philippines.  In 2010, it took place in Vietnam.

Sara Guerrero is not a new name to those who follow pageantry of Gautemala.  Sara has represented the country at Miss International 2013 pageant, which was won by Bea Santiago of Philippines in Tokyo, Japan.  Sara Guerrero was also a participant of Miss Gautemala pageant this year, but she caused a stir in the country when she withdrew her participation after comments by Mr. Donald Trump, the co-owner of Miss Universe pageant.   The winner of Miss Gautemala pageant represents the country at Miss Universe pageant.

Sara Guerrero explained the reasons of her withdrawal from Miss Gautemala 2015 pageant:“Hello friends. Thanking first all the people who in the last few days have given me countless expressions of support and affection with regard to my personal webpage in miss Guatemala 2015, I wish to inform you that the Miss Guaatemala 2015 pageant winner  will be participating in the pageant. My choice is due to the stir after polemical which is now shown with Donald Trump and I prefer not to participate. I think it is lack of morality and dignity that you send a representative of Guatemala to this pageant and enrich more to that organisation of which trump is owner. My identity as a Latina is first, and it makes me have the sensitivity of putting in place of all those people, who every year migrate to USA looking for a better opportunity to come to their families, having to suffer discrimination and countless conditions in that journey. Many of them are people who are  workers to which they label “criminals” by the simple fact of their roots. Once again I would like to thank the people who wrote to me and showed up giving me your support”

In her latest update on Facebook, Sara Guerrero has again bashed Miss Gautemela Universe pageant, contrasting it to Miss Earth Gautemala pageant which she called “fair and transperant”.

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Image Credits: Miss Earth Gautemala & Sara Guerrero pages on Facebook