Best Beauty of 2014: Asha Bhat is the 2nd most appreciated beauty.

Best Beauty of 2014: Asha Bhat named First Runner Up

Best beauty of 2014: Asha Bhat

Asha Bhat, who was named Best Asian Beauty of 2014 months back, has now been declared as the 1st Runner up of Best Beauty of 2014 series. Asha won Miss Supranational 2014 last December and is the only Asian and Miss Supranational girl to place in Top 5 of Beauty Series. Many have named Asha as one of the best personalities among the beauty queens of 2014. Asha also graced the cover of Arts magazine in Myanmar and her look during Miss Golden Land Myanmar stunned every one.

Asha Bhat was always a hot favourite to win the national contest of Miss Diva 2014, which sends the main representative to Miss Universe. However, Asha was eliminated in some task and left people shocked because most of the contestants and audience thought that she was one of the strongest contenders for the crown. However, she made a comeback as a wild card and the rest is history..!!!

Best beauty of 2014: Asha Bhat

Asha not only managed to win the main title at Supranational Pageant but she impressed the organisers with her ‘Nagada’ dance so much that she won Best in Talent sub-contest. Leading on-line portal Global Beauties even mentioned that in finale, Asha was a major stand out in the whole batch. It looked like as if she already knew that she has won the crown, that confidence and spontaneity.

What we loved about Asha Bhat is her self-confidence. She doesn’t pretend to be someone else. She is extremely confident in what she is and she is proud of that. She is also a good singer. Our team feel that only if Asha had competed in Miss World or Miss Universe, she would have given a strong run for the title to their respective winners. Asha’s whole charm revolves around her impeccable stage presence, vivacious personality and that 100 watt smile that can enlighten the surrounding. We are pleased to have her in our Top 5 of Best Beauty of 2014 series.

The competition is narrowed down to 3 women: Rolene Strauss, Paulina Vega and Kaci Fennell. Who do you think will win? Stay tuned for updates.

Pic Courtesy: Angelopedia