Rolene Strauss wins ‘Best Beauty of 2014’ series

Best Beauty of 2014: Rolene Strauss wins the title

Best Beauty of 2014: Rolene Strauss

Rolene Strauss, who was named as Best African Beauty of 2014 months back, has now claimed one more feather for her cap. She has been declared the winner of Best Beauty of 2014 series conducted on-line by The Great Pageant Community (TGPC). Rolene had to battle out almost more than 100  beauties from 6 notable pageants- Miss World, Miss Universe, Miss Supranational, Miss Grand International, Miss Earth and Miss International. In the end, 5 representatives were selected from 5 geographical region:- Asha Bhat from Asia, Paulina Vega from America, Kaci Fennell from Oceania and Caribbean, Edina Kulcsar from Europe and Rolene from Africa. In the end, it boiled down to these 5 stunner to claim the title.

Asha Bhat from Asia was declared 1st runner-up and Edina Kulcsar from Europe was declared 2nd runner-up. Kaci Fennell was ranked 4th by the panel and Paulina Vega was ranked 5th. However, Rolene winning this title came as no surprise. In fact, wherever Rolene  Strauss competed, it became the most predictable contest. When she was competing at Miss South Africa 2014 contest, our experts instantly picked her for the crown. The same happened at Miss World 2014 where our panel of judges for hotpicks had her as Number 1 spot for the title of Miss World 2014. Later on, our panel also recognised Rolene as Best Miss World of past 10 years and Best Miss World born in 90’s.

Best Beauty of 2014: Rolene Strauss

The reason she has these many accomplishments under her belt is simple; you simply don’t get Rolene Strauss like gem every year in the pageants. A perfectly flawless face, diamond like shining eyes, vivacious personality,, and spontaneity is what all makes Rolene Strauss. Rolene to us is a synonym of ‘PERFECTION’ in pageants. Hence, our team has decide to create one such award in honour of Rolene Strauss.

The award shall be called ‘The Rolene’.

This award shall be given to the girl who fits the bill of ‘Perfection’. This will set the legacy of Rolene Strauss even stronger and unforgettable.

Best Beauty of 2014: Rolene Strauss
A Painting of Rolene by TGPC Member ‘Mohit Gaikwad’

One of our active TGPC members, an uprising talent and a die-hard fan of Rolene Strauss, Mohit Gaikwad has presented a painting for Rolene Strauss through TGPC Blog for winning the series of ‘Best Beauty of 2014′.

Congratulations Rolene Strauss!!!

Pic Credits: Cosmopolitan