Can Monika Radulovic win Miss Universe 2015? [Detailed Analysis]

Monika Radulovic, Miss Universe Australia 2015

Monika Radulovic is a reigning Miss Universe Australia who shall be representing Australia at Miss Universe 2015. The reason I picked Monika today for analysis is that Australia has a strong sash factor in recent editions of Miss Universe. Monika is expected to continue the legacy of Laura Dundovic, Rachael Finch, Jesinta Campbell, Scherri Lee Biggs, Renae Ayris and Tegan Martin. One thing that you might appreciate about Monika Radulovic is that she is the first Miss Universe Australia to be engaged while she was crowned. Anyway, let’s have a sectional analysis on her and conclude about her probable placement at Miss Universe.

Sectional Analysis of Monika Radulovic for Miss Universe 2015

Monika Radulovic, Miss Universe Australia 2015


#1-Beauty: Monika has a radiant beauty that resonates at the frequency of the beauty of Olivia Culpo or say at a level of Jennifer Hawkins. Her face itself is sufficient to get her a placement in Top 15. If she looks the way she did in the finale of Miss Universe Australia 2015, I won’t mind her even placing in Top 5. I am sure judges too shall appreciate her beauty and give her a nod for the finalist place.

#2-Body: Monika doesn’t have the body which can kill the competition or you can say ‘A Body to die for’ or like her other competitor Catalina Morales from Puerto Rico has. But her body frame is decent which has done well in Miss Universe now a day. She has curves and elegance which I believe can work in her favour once she is in Top 15. However, I would appreciate if she could ton her body to perfection to make sure that she doesn’t miss the cut for Top 10.

#3-Personality: Monika is a charming Bella. Her pictures speak themselves, let alone videos. As I pointed out, she has this radiance and once she speaks, all you feel is ‘Wow’. She is a spontaneous girl and I feel that she won’t find any difficulty in clearing interview rounds in prelim. For me, she is a thumbs up in Personality round.

Monika Radulovic, Miss Universe Australia 2015

#4-Styling: Monika is an experienced model and have always been seen with proper styling, be it some event or a normal occasion. This girl knows what is Fashion and how you style yourself. I am sure she will come up with an awesome wardrobe and evening gown like every past Miss Australia.

#5-Politics: Considering a very good history of Australia since last 7 years, I feel she has an edge over other candidates. Along with Venezuela, USA, Philippines I generally feel Australia finds it way easier to place than other delegates. And if Monika makes it to the finale, I would rather like to believe that she made it on her own merits.

Conclusion: I am sure of her placement in Top 15 as of now. And I am expecting her to go as high as Top 5 as well. Regarding the main crown, as of now I feel she may not be the best bet. But I won’t be surprised Australia getting rewarded the title this year for their awesome performance in last decade. As of moment, I feel, we do have better options.